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Shift Your Perception of Self with the Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse

Use this Cup on the Full Moon and partial eclipse which creates an opportunity to open your heart and access a different way of being within.

Increase the gratitude for the qualities that flow in your divine line.

Increase self-love and quiet the critic.

This Cup is very energetic, less words, less mind, and the toning and light language activation carry a boost and a kick in a supportive way.

  • Reference a dimension where you have the ability to shift your perspective of self in an empowering, supportive, and loving way.
  • Toning and light language to help you see yourself through more loving compassionate kind eyes.
  • Reference a realm where you have the ability to eclipse how you are in relationship with yourself.

Use the energy of the Moon to fall deeply in love with yourself.

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Enjoyed that one. Listened twice!
November 19th 2021
Thank you ...this is just perfect !!!
November 19th 2021
As always, very timely and awesome. Thank you!
November 19th 2021
November 19th 2021