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Slow Aging by Shifting Your Belief Systems

Shift your belief systems around aging. Let go of old and limiting belief systems around aging. We are evolving from homo-sapien to homo-illumination. Help your body make the shift.

  • Locate the consciousness of your soul and your body. They are two different belief systems.
  • Bring in grids of communication between your core essence and your body deva.
  • Locate your soul’s consciousness.
  • Invite your body to locate it’s enlightened consciousness.
  • Invite your Higher Self to relay all relevant and appropriate information to your Body Deva’s Higher Self.
  • Invite your Body Deva to release the unenlightened consciousness and let it go.
  • Lift your issues off your body.
  • Invite your body to locate and bring in the resources it needs for health and vitality.
  • Release all ancestral beliefs around aging.
  • Acknowledge the consciousness of your body.

May your body be a container of health and vitality as you grow and evolve.


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The Early Years
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