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Solar Eclipse and New Moon During Mercury Retrograde

Happy New Moon!

The combination of New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and Mercury Retrograde energy creates a very powerful time to release. It is a time when there is a disappearance of all outer light as well as a container that creates a flow for a deep inner release. Surrender to the release to the new, the emptiness, and the unknown.

  • Energetically locate the vibrations of the solar eclipse, the new Moon, and Mercury retrograde.
  • Bring in sacred shapes and a consciousness that has the capacity to support you in the release in this time of emptiness.
  • Bring your awareness to your sacrum. Bring your breath into that place and allow for the release. Let go of the fear and limitations in the base chakra.
  • Take a moment to think of the energies that you are ready to release at this time.
  • Allow for the magic to awaken in the depths of the surrender. Re-weave a new way of being as you surrender, and allow for the magic to stir in the deepest point of the surrender. 
  • Imagine a safe, sacred, and still space where you can completely release.
  • As you release in this sacred space hold the awareness that somewhere deep inside you are creating a new way of being.
May you enjoy the surrender.
This cup was recorded in 2012, it is layered and gentle.


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Loved the eye of the needle
June 10th 2021
WOWSER! Thank you so much for "Eye of the Needle". As always, Divine timing.....
June 10th 2021