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Spheres Of Healing

The spheres of healing and music are here.

Bring these powerful tones in to heal your body and bring it into greater health. This is a therapeutic piece, so please use it as such and know that there are a few moments in the piece that are intentionally for clearing. It is a potent healing of sound that moves through the body and soul and brings greater points of health and vitality.

May your body tone to you the sweet vibrations of health all day long.

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The Early Years
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SO beautiful! On my walk this morning I prayed for all the supports needed to bring me into balance and all levels of perfect health. And then here was this from the heavenly beings! Thank you Aleya!
September 3rd 2010
Jennifer Star
I am so moved by this meditation. Took me very deep into my body. Just what I needed today. Listened to it twice already, and will most likely listen to it again several times today, and other days.

Thank you Aleia. This is a phenomenal sharing.
September 3rd 2010
Denise @ COTH
Thank you Aleya,

I have been sick this week. Third time in as many months. Your Health meditation came at just the right time. I will listen for the rest of the week and beyond.

Thank you for these beautiful morning messages of love from your heart ot ours.

September 3rd 2010
Great! From the first tone on it is perfect!
September 3rd 2010
Dearest Aleya, This one today is most beautiful. Very tonic, invigorating- The real thing. Your voice sounds beautiful. xxoo AC
September 3rd 2010