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Support From the Angelic Realm

Receive the support that is pouring in from the angelic realm. There is clarity, a vibration of abundance, a shift, the divine feminine and masculine moving into divine union, a dissolving of illusions, final stages of winter before spring, a sense of what is coming but has not yet appeared.

  • Work with your energetic fields and the Guides to locate the stream of support that is coming from the angelic realm today.
  • Calibrate to receive this current and flow.
  • Align your ears to hear the angelic choir.
  • If your ears ring today know it is information coming from the higher realms.
  • Open your receptors to feel this energy.
  • Update your reference points for locating support.

May you feel support from above, today and always.

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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

Alex - Idaho
what energy.... beautiful meditation today...and every day.

last evening... around 8:30 on ... my left ear was vibrating like no feeling I have ever known... it was just trying to get my attention... maybe the angels were already gathering...

very powerful meditation ...
with love,
March 17th 2010
Aleya these are simply beautiful. I love listening to your dailies;)
March 17th 2010