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The Clarity Portal

Access an energetic portal for moving into clarity. Increase your ability to hear and see clearly all realms. Use the energy of clarity to get clear, take a bearing on where you are heading, and alter your course accordingly. 

  • See from the peak of the wave / top of the mountain.
  • Reference point your current position for where you are in your evolution and your process for manifesting your intentions.
  • Balance the heart in this vibration of clarity and infuse your heart with the energy of perseverance, courage, and endurance.
  • Call forth the angelic realm. Open to feel their support.
  • Align your ears and reference points.
  • Take note of your current position and then alter it slightly if need be towards your intentions and dreams.
  • Bring this sense of direction into your spine and divine line.

Wishing you increased clarity in every breath.

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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

I am not really a believer in things like this, but your voice was soothing and it relaxed me a little. Also i realised that a few tears were running down my face.
If this helps people then I am glad for them and for you as it means you are doing what you seem to love. HELPING.
April 15th 2010