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The New Moon - Heal the Heart and Set Intentions

Heal the heart so that you can bring in new intentions with the new moon. Listen to this one with a headset (hint hint).

  • Heal the crystalline structures within and around your heart.
  • Locate your soul’s dream that you held before you came here into this world.
  • Bring the template of that dream into the back of your heart chakra.
  • Imagine a life with no limitations, fear, or restrictions.
  • Bring in the dreaming grids that hold no limits.
  • Align your ears to the limitless dream grids.
  • Write your New Moon intentions on yellow paper with red ink.
  • Trust that some part of you is conspiring with the Universe to bring those intentions into your life in divine time.
  • Create and hold the manifestation of your intentions in another realm so that it can reflect into this one.

May your new moon intentions bloom in this coming month.

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The Early Years
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