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The New Moon Meditation

Manifest your intentions with the New Moon. Anchor in and locate the vibration of abundance.

  • Bring yourself back into the present breath of now.
  • Feel into your heart your intentions, desires, and goals.
  • Feel into the qualities and vibration of what those intentions are. For example: If you want to manifest financial abundance feel inside yourself the vibration of abundance.
  • Bring in the sacred geometric shapes that hold that vibration around you.
  • Surround yourself with that consciousness.
  • Bring in grids of love and light that open your receptors for receiving these vibrations in the physical realm.
  • Hold the vibration of your intention within you.

May your day be filled with clarity and an energy that anchors in your New Moon intentions.

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janet evans
thank-you for todays meditation must write this before it disappears feel gratitude for what i have now, i can be ! want to achieve what i never had ! See if i can still hold and cherish what i have,Stay in step with others tread gently, ask for their love,already Aaron my son and Dave are thinking of me and what is so relevant in my life,giving me space to be who i am,so that i can find, given some space myself,please help i do not want to walk alone though.
April 14th 2010