Listening and Hearing Angelic Realm

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help increase your capacity to hear your inner wisdom, the angelic realm, your Guides, Team, your body, and spiritual advisors.
Repair Your Connection and Communication Grids for Greater Reflection with Compassion
Repair all of your connection and communication grids with this Cup for greater reflection and compassion. When you repair how you
$3.00 USD
Receive Information From A Love One On the Other Side
Use the thin veils this week to connect with a loved one who is in another dimension. When the veils are
$3.00 USD
Just Angels Singing for 50 min.
This Cup is very different. It is a 50-minute track that only has the angelic realm singing. When I was in the
$1.50 USD
Align Your Ears and Hear the Angelic Realm
Clean and align your ears so that you can hear the angelic realm with this Cup.  There is a lot of
$1.50 USD
Full Moon Open Your Energetic Ears
Use this Cup with the energy of the Full Moon to open your energetic ears. When the moon is full it
$3.00 USD
Thin Veils Magic Between the Realms
The veils are thin between the realms right now. Feel the magic in the higher realms. Feel the love, the light, purity,
$3.00 USD