Practitioner Circle Coaching Intensive

6 months of coaching for the Seven Cups of Consciousness practitioners.

Practitioner Circle Coaching Intensive

6 months of coaching for the Seven Cups of Consciousness practitioners.

The coaching will happen 3 times a month on Monday at 5:00pm

In each coaching session I will teach for 20 minutes and then we will dive into coaching and practicing protocols.

This coaching is designed for people who want to take the work to a whole new level.
I will be organizing all of the material and protocols so that you know all of the layers to check with any challenge.
You will also master the ability to find the root of any challenge.

The first practitioner circle coaching begins on Monday June 21st at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

There will be a total of 18 coaching sessions.
3 times a month on Monday at 5:00pm Pacific Time
Each class will be one hour and 15 minutes.
From 5:00pm Pacific Time to 6:30pm Pacific Time
(We will skip the Monday when the TALL Cup is scheduled.)
There will also be 3 intensive classes 2.5 hours long on 3 different weekends. 
Saturday or Sunday morning from 10am to 12:30pm PT.
Dates are still being determined, depending on people's availability.

This will be a small group of 10 to 20 people. I will be capping it at 20.

  • My goal is to help you become as good or better than me!!
  • You will definitely be encouraged to create your own spin that you feel comfortable with and is also incredibly powerful.
  • You will not need audio equipment unless you wish to go in that direction. 
    And, if you do, I will give you recommendations.
  • You will discover your passion and mastery and what your genius is and, your confidence will become rock solid (in a good way.)
  • You will also learn how to bring in clients so that you have a wait list if you want one. 
  • Once you have finished the coaching you will have the option to be a practitioner on the platform. We will schedule all sessions for you, confirm your sessions, and will handle the backend.

(We will limit the number of practitioners on the platform to 3 at a time so that you will have the opportunity to build your practice. This option of using platform will be only available to practitioners who do not already have a current thriving practice with their own platform.)

Once you join there is not the option to pause and then come back in due to the depth of the material covered.
Because space is very limited you are not able to cancel and get a refund.
You can be in the coaching session live or get the recorded version.
Do what works for you.
If you wish to join this coaching circle make sure you have done the following courses...
If you have not done either you can do them simultaneously while you are doing the coaching sessions.

Choose Your Option
Practitioner Circle $3,600
A small group (20 max) live online coaching for Seven Cups of Consciousness practitioners three Monday's a month for 6 months. You can do three payments over 6 months if you wish.
Practitioner Circle Coaching Intensive - Payment Plan
3 installment payments of $1,200