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Body Heal Trauma and Pain From Past Incarnations

Hold space for your body with this Cup to heal traumas from previous incarnations.  Explore the idea that the majority of your body issues come from injuries or traumas from previous incarnations. When you hold space for your body to heal the past, the issues of the present may resolve.

  • Invite your body to reference any body pain, pathology, or unhealthy behavior that is being caused from a trauma from a previous incarnation.
  • Hold space for your body to identify one trauma from a previous life.
  • Invite your body to go back in time to it’s debrief at the end of that previous incarnation.
  • Invite your body to activate the vibration of the spiritual lessons.
  • Ripple that healing from the past to the present.
  • Sit with your body and hold space for your body to process its emotions and to activate the vibrations of the spiritual lessons.

Hold space for your body to heal the pain and traumas from previous incarnations.

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Felt a shift immediately. Thank you very much 💓
April 10th 2021
March 10th 2021
So needed to hear this today🥰
Thank you🌟💗
March 10th 2021
Perfect for my body deva, I will listen often!
March 10th 2021
Powerful! Much Gratitude, Aleya!
March 10th 2021
March 10th 2021