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Boundaries, Psychic Space, and Release Irritation - Toning Protocol

This Cup is a little is an energetic protocol dancing in between and on top of toning and light language. This Cup can help you hold appropriate boundaries without the edge of irritation. There is a lot happening in the higher realms. You might be feeling a little stretched. When that happens your fuse might be a little shorter than normal. Irritation may run high. Use this Cup to release the irritation, activate stronger boundaries, and respond with less reactivity during times of greater activity in the higher realms.

  • Retrieve all responsibility for holding appropriate boundaries for yourself.
  • Lift all of your boundaries up and off of everyone.
  • Clean, clear, recalibrate, expand, and strengthen your boundaries for you, your body, and Team.
  • Imagine being in a sphere of light and infusing this orb with your own gifts, wisdom, and mastery.
  • Own your own energetic space.
  • Locate a realm where you have psychic space.
  • Reflect that calm, peaceful, and safe space to you here.
  • Honor your own boundaries and release all irritation.
  • In that higher realm where you have psychic space, activate appropriate vibrations, sounds, and colors, that revitalize you, and bring you clarity.
The light language chant helps you hold empowered boundaries and a calm psychic space.
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I was up in Mt Shasta, with a friend and my husband. I woke up and was feeling myself irritated and out of sorts. I saw the meditation and felt it working just by feeling to the perfect timing! You helped me each day, even though I did not have time to sit in quiet and listen to any of this past weeks' meditations. You were there in the background, as were my guides and angels and team. πŸ’œ
July 15th 2017
Very relaxing. Thank you :)
July 11th 2017
Thank you Aleya! Perfect!
July 11th 2017
LOVE!!! Toning (melody) especially!!!
July 11th 2017
Thanks! Perfect timing!
July 11th 2017
Oh I liked this one. Yummm.
July 11th 2017
Great, toning and guiding through the energy around me. πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ™πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Thank you
July 11th 2017
Love this one with the toning and light language in the background!
July 11th 2017
Good one! Thanks! It's a good reminder to keep the energetic space clear.
July 11th 2017
I liked the guidance, the instructions, your words flowed seamlessly from one concept to another. I could feel restrictions lifting up and off of my body, internally as well as energetically, process coincides with current life circumstances and thought forms.
July 11th 2017