Protection, Security, Safety

7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

Highly Sensitive Moment - Allow for Integration

Use this potent, layered Cup to integrate and process the energetic downloads in a realm where it is safe, clean, and calm. You are energetically processing a lot right now. When you process and integrate sensitivity can increase. This can show up in the form of... irritation, anger, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, and in general just feeling "SUPER sensitive".

(Today is the perfect day to go to the top of "your mountain" to sit, be, and integrate.)

Go high and reflect.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to reference a dimension that is clean, safe, and calm where you can process and integrate in a deep powerful way.
  • Hold space to be sensitive in a safe calm space.
  • You are processing deep layers. You are releasing discordant vibrations. You are integrating and digesting higher vibrations.
  • When you feel safe in some realm you move into greater calm.
  • Toning and light language to help you process in a safe realm.
  • Weave a stronger shield of protection around yourself.
May you process and integrate in a realm that is safe, clean, and calm.


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Comments & Discussion

Thank you sooooo much, Aleya!
August 18th 2020
August 17th 2020
Just what I needed -- beautiful.
August 15th 2020
Karyn DoveHawk
Thank you Aleya 🌈
This one was so amazing to listen to after being in Facebook lol ... fighting the good fight against racist comments. I can’t keep quiet. So my body deva is loving the feel of this meditation. And the timing of your words and protocol allowed for a more rhythmic integration. I like how they’re getting longer as I need more time to integrate what you say in them.
August 15th 2020
Perfectly beautiful and always on point! Exactly the wisdom and support needed today. Much gratitude for you Aleya!
August 14th 2020
I had been crying all morning but did't know why.
This helped a lot. Thank you.
August 14th 2020
This is a 10 stars cup . The toning is so potent. Thank you
August 14th 2020
Thank you Aleya, That aspect was beaten up all of my life for being too sensitive. I blamed being highly sensitive for many 'things'. Very deep healing.
August 14th 2020
Perfect timing! Thanks Aleya 🙏
August 14th 2020