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7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

Increase Protection During an Energetic Meteor Shower

Use this meditation to assist during energetic and actual meteor showers. Receive huge energetic downloads and releases with ease and grace.

  • Energetically locate this energetic meteor-shower.
  • Bring in an appropriate energetic grid of protection to help you release and receive while holding balance.
  • Invite your Team to increase energetic filters to buffer these huge downloads and releases.
  • Amp up the buffering system.
  • Light language activation to increase protection.
  • Invite your spiritual advisers to hold vigil and send appropriate information to you as you receive these downloads.

Those who are not grounded will take rash actions as a way to alleviate their anxiety that is being caused by huge inner shifts. Try not to take it too seriously, and hold compassion for them in their anxiety.


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Comments & Discussion

Beautiful and powerful! Wow, I let yesterday batter me around in just about every direction. The day slid by without me tuning into my Aleya frequency!
Isn't it odd how sometimes you just don't take time to balance and ask for protection. Maybe because you think, well, that's it, the rest of the day will be fine...and then along come another aggrevating
situation. I mean, duh! and also YUCK! Anyway...I enjoyed it today!!! k
October 11th 2012
Wonderful. Thank you so much for the feedback! Aleya
October 10th 2012
Thank you so much for today’s meditation. Have been feeling totally exhausted and “bruised and battered” energetically for the past several days and this really helped. As you invited us to energetically locate the energetic meteor-shower my crown chakra immediately began to tingle and I could feel my body relax as the energetic buffer and filters formed around me. I am so grateful for all the wonderful work you do. Thank you!
October 10th 2012