Protection, Security, Safety

7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

Quick Protection Meditation

As you hit various bumps and feel big surges of energy from above, irritation, disorientation, and fear can arise.

Recalibrate and increase your energetic protection mechanisms.

Whenever you move into a higher vibration you always want to recalibrate our energetic protection mechanisms with greater degrees of empowerment and courage.

Remember to send the data, release the responsibility, and model right energy.

This one goes in the toolbox. It's a short yet potent protection protocol.

  • Lift all of your protection mechanisms off everyone and everything and back to you.
  • Send all responsibilities for protecting others back to their Higher Selves.
  • Retrieve all responsibilities for protecting yourself.
  • Ask yourself as an Ascended Masters to protect you in the now.
  • Send all relevant and appropriate information to the appropriate places and spaces. (You do not need to mentally know.)
  • Bring all your gifts back to you and hold these vibrations around you as your protection.
  • Locate the safety in your divine line.

Bundle up like the little Michelin Man. With all this prep we will not feel much but flow --- like a nice smooth river.




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