Protection, Security, Safety

7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

Receive from the Rose

The Nature Spirit of the Rose evokes vibrations of protection, love, softness, and gentleness. Open to receive this silky vibration and connect with the flower consciousness of the Rose.

  • Energetically connect with the Nature Spirit of the Rose.
  • Invite the Nature Spirit of the Rose to relay information, qualities, sounds, colors, light, and emotions that have the capacity to serve and assist you as you grow stronger, embrace courage, and determination.
  • We ask that the sacred shape of the rose is placed around you, and gently spins activating the consciousness of the Rose.
  • We ask that the scent, the sound, and the color of the rose, that is appropriate for you be received at the level of your Higher Self. 
  • Increase protection, support, and love as the Rose envelopes you.
  • Heal the heart, and all moments of loss, jadedness, and wounds.
  • Invite the consciousness of the Rose to work with you in the higher realms.
May the sweet Rose envelope you as you move, sleep, dream, and play.


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Comments & Discussion

A very beautiful meditation. I decided to offer this gift to listening to this today, and this is such a sweet loving ethereal energy to this, along with Aleya's soothing voice. Thank you!
July 27th 2016
Thank you for this one, such a sweet energy, simply beautiful.
Blessings to You,
January 12th 2012
Gloria Jean
Always been in love with roses at one time acquired many plants
It would sooth my heart to gaze upon them
Working in the earth around them gave new light to how I felt withing
Always gathered rose petals putting them all over the house then passing many forward
The 1/11/12 was a very special day for me
Blessed to be in another's garden for the days pior rekindled that flame I use to feel being around roses
I took upon my self to clip off old and the dead
Gathered many petals placed all over the house
Left a beautiful arrangement on the table prior to my leaving
The day after I worked on the roses the gardner came and looked around
and saw everything was in order went on to the next project
My heart danced because I was there at that time to gather and pass forward
Then on the 11th awakened to a small rose plant for my room!

January 12th 2012