Protection, Security, Safety

7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

Release the Old and Open to the New

Consciously release with this Cup and link into a new stream of energy that has the capacity to support you to a greater degree. As you pause and reset yourself there is always a release that follows. When you consciously release it happens more quickly and gently. Align yourself to the path that holds your greatest happiness, service, and highest potential as you consciously release.

  • Energetically locate the stream of energy that is helping you release.
  • Use that current to let go of any last limitations, fear, or lack that you are still holding.
  • As the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams release in the higher realms locate the stream of expansion, the doorway/path that supports your greatest happiness.
  • Imagine that energetic part of you finding that line/path that holds your highest potential.
  • Lift all of your energy off of your old dreams.
  • Clean that energy and align your focus and commitment onto your new path.
  • Tones and light language to help you release the old and link into the new path that can support you to a greater degree.
  • Invite your body to balance as it shifts, releases, and then expands into a new way of being. 
  • Align the crystalline structures within and around the body to this higher vibrational path.
  • Firmly attach your divine line to the front of your spine for a more supported, safer, secure ride.
May you consciously release the old limitations and then link into the new path that supports your highest potential.



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Comments & Discussion

I really enjoyed this cup. I like the absence of background music, seemed to link in deeper that way. Sending my love to Freckles on the other side. I miss him already.
January 24th 2018
I have been reminiscing about my time in Vegas when I discovered you. Recently the topic of returning to the desert came up. All these years of daily occurred this morning that the great mix of protocols and toning has served me well. I felt the toning reaching the cellular level...helping with the shift in a so gentle way. In fact, that is what resonated for gentle this journey worked for me. I needed gentle. Thank you so much , Aleya for the courage to come do this work again for all of us. Much love and gratitude
January 23rd 2018
Thank you, Aleya....this is SO HELPFUL! Bless you...
January 23rd 2018
Thank you. It's a wonderful reminder.
January 23rd 2018
Lovely I love the release
January 23rd 2018