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Return Karma That Is Not Yours

Use this Cup to return all karma that is not yours.  When you return karma that is not yours you lighten your load, discernment increases, and balance is restored.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to scan your fields for any karma that you are holding that is not yours.
  • Return all bundles of karma, grids, fragments, and Soul fragments.
  • Return all responsibility for healing or shifting the karma of another.
  • Send appropriate energetic information.
  • Light language chant to help you return all karma that is not yours.
May you return all karma that is not yours and send energetic information to those you may have been wanting to help.


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Comments & Discussion

I like return bundles to who it belongs to. “It is their fuel, they need it”
September 24th 2020
It's funny the night before I said out loud I hope tomorrows meditation is about returning karma that is not mine. How delightful to wake up this morning to this. I felt this deeply. thank you...
September 23rd 2020
I feel much lighter! Thanks!
September 23rd 2020
I use this concept daily and love how it makes me feel freedom and calm in my divine line!
September 23rd 2020
How does today's cup feel for you? Aleya
September 23rd 2020