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Recalibrate Relationship Grids

Recalibrate your relationship grids with this Cup. Take a moment to ponder which relationship you would like to work on. Is it your relationship with your body? A partner? Family member? Friend? Colleague? Recalibrate how you are in relationship, in a way that is empowering, honoring, supportive, and clean.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Ponder which relationship you would like to shift.
  • Connect with this other being at the level of their Higher Self.
  • Energetically locate the grids, consciousness, belief systems, behaviors, agreements, contracts, and expectations that you have with them, and they have with you.
  • Recalibrate, rework, and infuse higher vibrational frequencies into these grids.
  • Imagine sitting across from them in a higher dimensional realm shifting your agreements in a way that is supportive and honoring for both of you, where there is a healthier connection, greater clarity, compassion, and understanding.
  • Light language to take a moment to hold space and allow for this exchange of information, new agreements, and expectations that are healthy in co-creative way.
May you recalibrate your relationships in a healthy and empowered way.


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User Comments

I really needed this one for my personal relationship with my beloved! Thanks!
Perfect - I love the idea of using this for the relationship with body deva, and this is a great toolbox cup to use for any relationship that needs help!
Thank you Aleya, perfect as always.
Thank you for your feedback. This one does have an energetic depth that can be very cleansing.

Recorded 09/01/2017