7 minute audio meditations to help you heal and improve relationships.

Release the Issues of Your Parents

Release that which is not yours. Cleanse and release any and all projections or issues that you are still carrying for or from your parents. Use this meditation to clear all parental issues that are still lingering in your energetic fields and then showing up in your thoughts and behaviors.

  • Locate all issues that you are carrying that are your parents.
  • Release these vibrations and send them back to their right and perfect place along with all relevant and appropriate information.
  • Locate your tasks and work on them at the level where you can.
  • Bring your wisdom and mastery back to you and use them on you and for you.

May you hold and work on your own issues where you can.

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Patricia Moira Conneely Hein
After the toning I experienced a pain in my left temple. As a healer I let it stay a moment, spoke to it, and then used my left hand to energetically lift away. I look forward to flow insights to come in as the day goes on.
February 3rd 2011