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Release the Need to Be a Pleaser

Release the co-dependent "pleaser." When you are a "pleaser" you can dis-empower yourself and others. Instead, hold space for others to tend to their own happiness and energetic needs. Model right energy and release co-dependent ways of being.

  • Energetically send all responsibilities for the happiness of others back to their higher self.
  • Release all empathic sensitivity for the happiness of others.
  • Locate all responsibilities for others back to your Higher Self.
  • Bring all mechanisms for creating happiness for yourself back to you.
  • Energetically locate the current of happiness of joy that flows in your divine line.
  • Activate the sacred shape of happiness of joy within and around you.

May you hold a safe and sacred space, and model right energy to others.


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very interesting. this tendency was called to my attention recently. I thought I was over being a pleaser but I've been withholding my opinions and true self and this has been a form of people pleasing. thanks!
I did the Pleaser a second time. Yeah!!!
Being the Pleaser - such a huge one for me! One that I have been working on releasing as it is such a deep one for me. Thank you! I know at its core, all of your meditations are about only being attached to our own happiness. This one makes me cry - which I feel is a release.
Yes I needed both!Great reminders, thanks!
Thank you - very timely as usual
These two meditations are EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for bringing this amazing work to us at this time, Aleya!
Lisa C.

Recorded 05/31/2011