Release, Clear, Repair, Recalibrate

7 minute audio meditations to help you release unhealthy patterns and behaviors. Re-pattern yourself with healthy vibrations. Repair and heal.

Anchor In With the OM-ing Whales - Magical!

Shift from old grids into the new. Clean out, let go, move on.

Use this deep healing 10 minute piece of oming with whales in the background to find the calm in the change.

This piece has the capacity to balance the brain, open the energy centers to higher consciousness, and will help you let go of the old and find the new ways of being from a place of peace.

OM along with the whales singing in the background.

Just in case your audio player is glitch-ish - Listen below.

Listen with a headset if you can.


May you let go of the old with ease and grace in this time of change.


Audio Sample


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