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Clean and Clear Your Grids and Roots

As I tuned into the energetic weather for this meditation I saw an image of roots and grids being cleaned. Use this cup to clean your roots.

Energetically cleaning out all of your old grids can take a while if we do not bring a conscious energetic awareness to the process. If we clean them unconsciously, feelings or fear, grief, exhaustion, and hopelessness can arise. Take a few moments today to do a conscious roto-root and then move on with clean roots that hold a happy, abundant consciousness. Clean out your roots, grids, and magnetics magnetics that you have used from all of your incarnations. 

  • Energetically locate all of your grids and roots that you have used to support you from all incarnations in this world. 
  • Gently clean and clear all blocks, all perceptions of disconnection, and negative karma up and out of all of your root grid systems.
  • Energetically infuse the consciousness of connection, abundance, love, support, and integrity into your energetic grid root system.
  • Have you from the future as an Ascended Master show you how to hold the conscious of connection, abundance, and trust in your magnetic grids that support you here in this world.
  • Heal the old wounds held in the magnetic root grid system.
  • Infuse the consciousness of strength, integrity, and gratitude into your magnetic grid root system.
  • Light language and toning to clear out the old. I am quietly speaking light language under the toning. The translation of the light language that is whispered is "let go of all the old pain, blocks, and limits from all life times and open to bring in a trust, love, and joy that can support you."
The toning and light language on this one is very deep, kind of intense, and it has the ability to clear the fear, but you may actually feel the fear come up and lift out while listening this one.

May your grids feel squeaky clean and full of vibrant frequencies of abundance and yummy support.


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I was in my garden with earth beneath my feet! Beautiful!
November 11th 2014
Thank you Aleya!
November 11th 2014
I first thought it is nice to have this new meditation working with things we haven't cleaned before and then I thought it's Tues. replay day and I looked at the date you first recorded this. 12/16/2011. Again I am glad I sighed up to get your meditations daily. This is another oldie but goodie. Thanks Aleya
November 11th 2014
I detect some Ganesh energy helping out here. Who better to move and clear things out!! Hugs! Kim
November 11th 2014
WOW thank you !
November 11th 2014
Very interesting feeling of cleaning, yes I do need that too!
November 11th 2014
You always know what I need!
November 11th 2014