Release, Clear, Repair, Recalibrate

7 minute audio meditations to help you release unhealthy patterns and behaviors. Re-pattern yourself with healthy vibrations. Repair and heal.

Move into Healthy Relationships

Move into healthy co-creative relationships with others. Release old patterns and behaviors of co-dependence. Heal old wounds between you and others. Bring in a healthier way of being with loved ones, family, and friends. This is a quick easy protocol to move into right relationship.

  • Return all relevant and appropriate information, return all fragments, dissolve all projections, and cords.
  • Bring in healthy energetic grids and communication lines
  • Imagine, invite, and allow their Higher Self to conspire in the higher realms to build healthy grids, healthy communication, and healing from all old wounds.

Wishing you clarity and grace as you release that which no longer serves.

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Jenny Mizote
Once again, you are giving meditations that are in perfect alignment with my life. Was last night's vibration that strong for everyone? I wondered what today would bring from you to me, and as usual, you are in tune (at least with my life!). Thank you.
January 11th 2012