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Radar Light Cleanse

Use this meditation to help locate areas in our energetic fields that are still holding vibrations of disconnection, traumas, and old wounds. Release any vibrations that are holding you back. This is a great Cup to help release addictive behavior and limiting belief systems.

  • Invite your Higher Self to locate the laser radar light and use it to locate the vibrations in your energetic fields that are holding you back.
  • Release the limiting grids.
  • Weave higher vibrational threads of light and consciousness into these places that need healing.

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User Comments

Definitely felt the shift with this one today...thanks Aleya!
This is such an incredible concept and tool. I was lost in the beauty of this experience for most of the session on awe of such a supportive and universal tool for addressing all of those varying pox that trip us up. Thank you for a more complete version...I definitely felt there was more to the protocol than what you brought through on Saturday. Still in awe with the stunning, beautiful simplicity of this one. Thank you.
The words "perception of disconnection" really resonated with me. May the lazer light work on my perception of disconnection! Very powerful and lovely...
This is a wonderful and very helpful meditation. Thank you.
Right on target.
interesting! THANK YOU!

Recorded 10/28/2013