Sound Table Bladder

Purchase the Sound Table Bladder

Sound Table Bladder

Purchase the Sound Healing Table Bladder


This is a sound healing water bladder that I have specifically designed and then have a company create it for me specifically. 

I now sell a newer version than the bladder you see in the video. It is a thicker and stronger vinyl and is blue as opposed to clear vinyl.


This bladder is designed to sit in a wooden well with speakers in it. 

You can purchase the bladder from me and will then need to build your own table I will send you the exact specifications for the table once you order the vinyl bladder.

You will also have to purchase speakers, and amp, a mic, and mic cables.

I will share all my recommendations with you when I send your bladder to you.


The $375 just covers the cost of the bladder. Nothing else, other than my recommendations.


Shipping is extra. You can pay for shipping once I send you the bladder and I know the exact cost of shipping to your area.


Check out the videos below

Watch this video for more information. 

Here is another clip with a little more info.





Sound Table Healing Bladder