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Attach and Desire Your Own Energy

Healthy Relationship tool....

Use this Cup to attach and desire your own energy. Being attached to your own energy enables you to hold a strong coherent field, be less reactive, and more compassionate with everyone in your life.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line. 
  • Think of what you want for others in the world. Do you want people to be more respectful, aware, connected, supported, or responsible?
  • As you consciously identify what you are attached to recognize that some part of you is taking responsibility for other people. This dis-empower others. You also use your creative energy externally and are not able to use your focus, creativity, and resources on you.
  • Attach and be responsible for your own energy, model the solution as you hold compassion.
May you be attached and responsible for your own energy, and model that in the world.


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Dear Aleya, this was so important for me right now. 💖 Thank you
This is spot on for me - amazing! Also very intelligent.
Thank you Aleya! Just what I needed to have a way with words. So grateful for your insights and knowledge.
Thanks for the tip- was able to find in my meditations.

Very relaxing, nice way to start the day 😘
I have been getting these cups for a couple years now and everyday it is ALWAYS exactly what I need.
So cool !

Recorded 12/14/2019