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Clean and Clear a Space

This is the perfect Cup to clean and clear a physical space using the higher realms.

  • Think of the space that you wish to clear, and or move into that place. As you settle in, or simply think of the space, call forth the Ascended Master's to encircle this space or place.
  • Call forth the whale's, dolphins, and the angelic ones of love that are masters at cleaning and clearing a space.
  • Take a moment to imagine these beings of love gathering in the higher realms around this space.
  • Invite them to connect with the nature spirit consciousness that exists in this space in all dimensions.
  • Invoke sacred geometric shapes, sounds, color's, and energetic aromas. Spin and infuse these vibrations into this space gently cleansing, clearing, and dissolving all discordant vibration's, thought forms, and replacing them with harmony, love, peace, and connection. 
  • As these shapes, sounds, light, and aromas gently clean and clear the space we invite the essence of Earth to connect with this space, and repair all of the grids and dimensions within this space. 
  • We invite you, the conscious steward, to hold space for the angelic ones, and Earth as they repair, clean, and clear the space, and bring it into its highest vibrational potential, so that this space has the capacity to heal, transform, and awaken all beings that are in this space in a gentle and graceful way.
  • Toning to assist this cleaning, repair, and infusion of higher vibrations.
  • Connect with the Nature Spirits that do exist in these other dimensions in this space.
  • Invite them to hold vibrations of love, peace, and balance inside themselves, which positively emphatically impacts the physical realm.
  • Invite your Higher Self to gently tend and repair the grids of this space.
  • Request that this space be held in a place of love by the angelic ones. 
May all your spaces be clean, clear, filled with light, and positively impact all who occupy these spaces in a gentle and loving way.

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User Comments

Talk about "Aleya Smudging" :) Very powerful cup. Listened in my office, area which needs cleaning. Knocked me out completely for 1.5 hours. Thank you (favorites)
I could feel this - feels like some aspects work for the body also. I love the shapes, etc. spinning - really could feel and visualize it! Thank you!!
I love this new version of cleaning my space around me! I'm going to listen often!
Aleya, you know this one is close to my heart!! Love clean space!! Thank you so much!
Love love love love this one, on so many different levels...this will be used much gratitude.thnak you Aleya 💟
This cup came so timely for me I feel it was divine guidance. Not only am I working on clearing a vacaction home in the mountains we recently purchased but I had just yesterday spoke with a good friend and my husband about offering free classes on clearing spaces and starting a home clearing business. Thank you Aleya, guides, team and Angels!
Stephanie S.
perfect & beautiful. Thank you
Beautiful! Just what I needed to hear. Thank you, thank you 🌅
oh, having open day for selling my house, this comes in so handy and I will play it many times before due day. thank you Aleya :)

Recorded 01/18/2017