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Clear Your Tunnel of Light

Use the energetic weather and this Cup to clear your tunnel of light. Your tunnel of light inserts at the back of your neck. From my personal memory it is how we enter and exit the body. We always want our tunnel to be open (similar your parachute on your back, make sure it is always in working order). When the tunnel shuts down or is damaged you may experience neck pain, feeling cut off from some higher aspect of yourself, depression, feeling flat, and cabin fever can set in. Keep your tunnel open, clean, and clear and receive more information from your Higher Self.

  • Locate your tunnel of light that inserts at the back of your neck.
  • Clear your tunnel of all vibrations that are not your essence.
  • Clear all cords.
  • Repair the insertion and origin points.
  • Tone to clear your tunnel of light.
  • Breathe yourself into the clear.
  • Update your reference points.

The tunnel of light is different from the divine line. Your divine line runs down the front of the spine. The Body has a divine line that runs through the spine.
The tunnel of light inserts at the back of the neck. It originates at the Higher Self. The Higher Self also connects with the core column of light. It is the way we receive information and how we enter and exit the body. Think of it as the usb port for the Soul and the body.

May you feel the love that flows from above.

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The Early Years
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Excellent! So timely and beneficial💜💚 will definitely be working with this one for a while.
Wow such perfect timing for me personally, my neck has been stiff and I have been in pain for 2 weeks, thanks so much that tunnel of light PLEASE. Love you.
Love the guidance that you're adding to the facebook posts as they give me more insight on how to balance and align my energy, and this is an absolute gem, along with the additional information. Thank you. Blessings.
Loved these - especially the last one and will use it daily for awhile!
Spot on! I had tension manifest yesterday, practiced some deep breathing and yoga to smooth it out. It didn't work so much. After this meditation the tension is cleared. Awh thanks Aleya, you are amazing!
Wow... thanks!!!
Loved all 3! I felt a lightness and sense of happiness afterward! Carla
Calm Fortress
This is excellent! It pointed out an area at the back of my neck that has troubled me for years! I bet this is what the problem is! Thanks! Healing time!
Finally feeling this! Thanks for all the visuals! :)
Becky Ishantara

Recorded 10/25/2010