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Little Pearls - Pushing, Intentions, Respect

This Cup is a collection of little pearls and protocols about letting go of the push, holding your intentions, and releasing the trigger when you do not feel respected. 

For more information check out this Energetic Weather Report.

Snippet #1 - Let go of the push. Earth has been in a dense energy for many years. In October 2016 the planet began to move out of this vibration. We need to adjust our energy to this lighter way of being. An energetic protocol to help you adjust your energetic pressure and increase flow. 

Snippet #2 - When you want to push yourself to the next level and expand your life, take a deep breath and focus all of the energy and effort vertical instead of horizontally.

Snippet #3 - Hold your intentions in a healthy co-creative way.

Snippet #4 - Hold responsibility for respecting you own divine light.

May you hold a flowing, connected state of self-love, empowerment and model that in the world.


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Fabulous!!! Thanks you so much for your feedback πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜€β€οΈ
I love the variety of approaches that you are using now....the protocols, snippets, toning , light language, songs....if one doesn't work , then maybe I'll hear it better with another πŸ˜€Thanks!
And wow! All of the links in the library πŸ“š! Thank you so much!
I loved this layout. It was like a mini class with the major points outlined. Thank you so much! And thank you for the updated app!
Super-helpful! Especially #2 - I am going to focus on that for a while. Thank you!!
Three in one! Lovely
This was amazing and so helpful. I loved it.
Loved today's collection of energetic snippets!

Recorded 06/30/2017