Whale Meditations

7 minute audio meditations with whales songs and energetic protocols to help you using the Whale medicine.

Ground in the Spin

This is a light language song with the 1st chakra crystal bowl and whales in the background.

Use this meditation to ground deep inside so you can enjoy the spin. This one is very powerful. Use caution if driving, and you might even choose to listen at the end of your day.

Audio Sample


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Last week I was running on almost no sleep because my little kids were waking me at night. Anyway, I was lying face down in the carpet the next day with Aleya's meditation on, not even really listening, and half way through, I was literally jolted awake from exhaustion to running on maybe 75% for the rest of the day! Such a strange and welcoming experience. Thank you.
February 27th 2012
Joyce Shockley
Happy Anniversary to Cups of Consciousness!
You have been a daily staple since 2009, that has assisted in my
spiritual growth and has been an anchor in these changing times.
Cups of Consciousness, no doubt, has a very successful future,
and many more anniversaries to celebrate.:)
February 27th 2012
Though I am a day after, congratulations on the 3-year anniversary of these daily meditations.
I discovered the the daily meditations in january 2012, and I feel the energies that have helped me go deep into insight. The meditations remind me also to take on my daily meditations, what I didn't do up until now, but I hope I will find the energy soon to do so!
Thank you, Aleya, for your love and help to come back to the divine Line.

February 25th 2012
Rie Cecilia
Cup of Consciousness meditations have been essential in my life, just like air, water, music & beautiful nature...and I really LOVE a version of a lot of toning (especially chakra toning) with wonderful sounds of nature & your calming words (like 'Ground in the spin'). Thank You so much for providing us such a special moment every day!
It is totally cleansing & polishing my spirit, mind & body to connect with source of divine power!
February 25th 2012
Thank you, Aleya. I am so grateful for your work. Since beginning the Daily Cups a year ago in February, 2011, I have found a flow to my life that was much needed. I don't know what I was doing before. I look forward to these every day. They are so powerful, yet gentle, so perfectly tuned for each day, so incredibly beautiful. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the other-worldliness of them. Again, thank you, I am eternally grateful.
February 25th 2012
Patricia Koine
Cups of Consciousness have been A God-send! I have resonated with each one of them from the moment I began to listen to them in January 2012! Cups of Consciousness have helped me clear & create new energy patterns; some of which I had no idea how to shift. I was delighted with the concept you used to describe what Cups of Consciousness are - daily doses of energetic medicine! They are all so meaningful, yet the ones I found most profound were the Valentine's Day and the 2hr Tall Cups on Healthy Relationships and the meditation on releasing procrastination, fear, low self-esteem, doubt. Feb.23 Cups of Consciousness could not have been more timely as I was struggling with preparing to speak in public at a panel on Feb.29 and I have been frustrated and insecure on what to speak about and how to say it so that I appear knowledgeable and politically correct and socially conscious! I do not know how I got through life without Cups of Consciousness as I wake up to them with anticipation and joy and I cannot imagine my mornings and throughout the day without them.
Thank you for sharing your gifts. My world has evolved in leaps and bounds and I am a better person modelling higher self energies wherever I am! So be it.
Patricia K.
Toronto, Canada.

February 24th 2012
I feel fortunate to have found you and your guidance and look forward to these meditations each morning when I wake up. It is uncanny how the focus of each mediation so often matches what is going on in my life. You model "right energy" to me and so many others. And, I love your voice!

I first heard of you through Connie Murphy who owns Yoga Village in Arroyo Grande. Connie is another model of right energy, a person of light and love. Yoga Village celebrates their 4th anniversary next week.

It is encouraging to literally see the success of people like you and Connie who model such light.
February 24th 2012
Hello Aleya, I just wanted to wish Daily Cups a happy anniversary and also to tell you that I have been listening to your meditations as well as your Tall Cups since December when I first heard about you on 11:11 talk radio. I have enjoy them and gained better understanding and healing. Thank you for everything you do! Love & Light.
February 24th 2012
Lou Paget
Aleya, 5 months ago I was introduced to your meditations by one of my best friends, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. May I extend my deep gratitude for the work you are doing. I have a series entitled, Lattes with Lou, so I refer to your Cups of Consciousness, your gifts of sound, as my spiritual and energetic lattes in the morning. Like my physical morning latte, I just need one Cup of Consciousness, they are strong and rich and an ideal way to start my day.
February 24th 2012
Suzanne Mckelvie
I look forward every day to listening to your meditation for that day. So many times your meditation is about exactly what is on my mind. So amazing.... so fantastic! I am feeling more inspired and positive each day. I know I am healing on all levels.
Happy Day!
Love ♥ Light ♥ Peace♥
February 24th 2012
Connie Vanderzanden
Thank you for the wonderful gift this morning. I must also thank Krishna Bader LaC for introducing me to your site. Together with her gift of acupuncture and energy healing and your daily meditations I am more grounded and peaceful.
February 24th 2012
Thank you so much for what you do. It is what I start my day with.
Happy Anniversary to you, Aleya.

Love and Peace,
Shaman Silverhawk
February 24th 2012
Hi Aleya. Pearls of Beauty is a great description for the body of work you have created in the past 3 years of Daily Cups of Consciousness. As I look back over my growth I see the affects of fear and doubt have diminished and present themselves much less in my life. My experiences of trust, joy, expansion and light have increased tremendously. My ability to live from my Divine Line, to access my soul's purpose and create intentionally from that place is gaining power and traction. Thank you so much. I feel such deep and abiding gratitude to you and for your work. Much love and Happy Anniversary to us all! Love, Kristin
February 24th 2012
Herb Garfield
Anniversary Greetings.
Thank you for this message:
To be still and know...deep grounding.
February 24th 2012
Simply beautiful. Thank you.
February 24th 2012