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Download individual daily cup of consciousness meditations by Aleya.

Cleanse and Purify for Clarity and Inner Transformation

Clean and align your fields with this simple, potent Cup which will allow for a gentle and aligned inner transformation.

Invite a bloom of clarity as old layers release.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your Higher Self to invoke the vibrations, sounds, and light that have the capacity to clean your fields in your own unique way.
  • Dissolve all hooks, cords, and empathic sensations.
  • Spin these sound in the direction that supports you in gently cleansing the back of your neck, third eye, heart, and sacrum.
  • Invite the tones to cleanse your fields.
The cleaner your fields the easier your inner transformation will be.
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Comments & Discussion

November 18th 2021
YES to both, deliberate and clarifying!
November 18th 2021
This is a great setup with the first meditation of cleaning followed by going deep.
Cleaning the back fields felt so good and calming. That made it much easier to go deeper with the second medication.
Thank you 🙏 Aleya.😊
November 18th 2021
This feels really good
November 18th 2021
Beautiful ❤️
November 18th 2021