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Aleya Dao is an intuitive spiritual guide and sound healer who, among other things, she provides a daily meditation subscription service to an international clientele. I was lucky enough to find Aleya earlier in 2010 when I had just come through a serious illness and, as a result of having come so close to death, had started to awaken again to my inner intuition. My intuition was telling me it was time to find out more about myself as a spirit and not just a person in a body. Adjacent to this, just as I had begun to get better, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and we thought we were going to lose her. Prompted by these major life events I decided to take Aleya’s offer of a week of free daily meditations. It was not long before I knew that these meditations were wonderfully supportive and that this work resonated very powerfully with me. Prompted by both curiosity and intuition, I made contact with Aleya via email and began asking some questions. Very quickly we set up a one to one session using Skype, and she began helping me to work with my energy fields more consciously to assist me in my journey towards becoming more connected in every moment to my source energy.


Aleya Dao became certified as a massage therapist at the age of 20. She then went on to become a Reiki Master and in 1997 became a Doctor of Oriental Medicine from the Southwest Acupuncture School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. During her studies at the Southwest Acupuncture School she went over to Begin China for a intensive training in the Beijing Hospitals. After six years of practicing acupuncture, Aleya states “I kept feeling like there was some other modality that could be used and my guides started communicating with me in tones, and showing me the vibrations that were being held around people that create the injuries they were presenting with.”  From this point, Aleya has been working with a range of energy and healing modalities, including Toning, to work with and help people “accelerate spiritual growth and evolution, and activate energetic intelligence.” “I show people how to work with their own energy fields to start moving their consciousness into a more coherent, enlightened connected perception to source, or The Divine.”


For many of us, dealing with our day-to-day realities involves an increasing degree of challenge. There are many who are searching for support in shifting their life experiences from the negative to the positive, and who are reaching for empowerment as they move through these challenges; Aleya’s message is very simple. “We will create these challenges in our lives as a way to grow, learn and evolve,” she says. “As humans we tend to do the opposite of what we are trying to master, until we become aware of what it is that we are trying to learn.” This wisdom is like a light bulb moment. The message seems to be that if we are willing to stop the struggle for a moment and get in touch with the part of ourselves that knows what it is we are trying to learn and master, that we can in fact change and improve our lives in a more gentle and graceful way. Through the daily meditations, or by working on a one to one basis in individual sessions, Aleya is able to bring this sense of ease and balance back into the lives of the people she is helping.

So what exactly are some of the unique processes that Aleya uses? She describes them as ‘tools’ for assisting with alignment, and sets them out in 3 simple steps.


Step One: The Higher Self.

“The first tool I introduce (to a client) is to make them aware that they have a higher self.” Aleya describes the higher self as an “energetic part of you that is literally being held in another dimension. It has a higher vibration. As people begin to spiritually grow and evolve they start to embody more of their higher self in the physical realm.”

The higher self is also the mechanism through which we receive our intuition and messages from our guides in the other dimensions.


Step Two: We have energetic fields that extend from our higher selves and that come around to envelop our physical bodies.

Aleya says, “Having our higher selves work with our energetic fields helps people to shift their consciousness, belief systems and how they are navigating life.” Not everyone is able to perceive energy fields in the first instance, but with practice and patience, it is possible to become more in tune with your energetic fields over time.


Step Three: The Body Deva’s Higher Self

Aleya explains that our earthly body has it’s own unique consciousness separate from our soul consciousness. The struggle to gain balance between the two is often the root cause of our illnesses. “A lot of the time, the reasons why people have health issues is because the soul has literally projected its issues onto the body. Then, the body mirrors back the souls tasks and lessons.” Central to the idea of the Body Deva is the presence in our bodies of the divine line, a column of light that rides in the spine.


The daily meditations, recorded and sent by Aleya to your email inbox once a day, use these basic principals to bring through an energy protocol to assist the listener in their energetic alignment. The benefits of the meditations go beyond creating a sense of peace and relaxation that most meditations bring, although these things are priceless.


My sense of well being, and connection to my inner self, is ever increasing, along with a broadening development of my understanding of the way in which I work energetically. As a subscriber of 8 months, I have come to look forward every day to my daily meditation, and the energy protocol that Aleya is bringing in to assist me in my evolution.


If you wish to have a greater grasp of your energetic self you can subscribe to a free trial week of meditations.  The tools are priceless and incredibly empowering.


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