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08/16/2019 - Basic Daily Energetic Clean Up [3118]

Use today’s first cup to clean, balance, and strengthen the body. You will feel move vibrant and inspired the cleaner the energetic fields. 

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your body’s Higher Self to use its energetic fields to get clean and clear.
  • Release all fragments, cords, responsibilities, and empathic sensations.
  • Spin the fields in a counter clockwise direction to clean.
  • Once that feel complete spin the fields in a clockwise direction to tonify.
  • Retrieve all resources, vitality, gifts, wisdom, and mastery.

May your body hold a balanced supported stance as it moves in the day.

The second cup today is the energetic weather from the most recent TALL Cup session.

August to December of 2019 Energetic Forecast

Click Here to watch the youtube and share with others.


Energetic Weather for August to December 2019

Listen to the Energetic Weather forecast for August to December of 2019.


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Comments & Discussion

ployerI appreciate you sharing your beautiful voice. Namasté5:33:38pm
shockleyjoyceThank you.August 16th 2019
MarilynBeautiful first meditation with your Across the Meadow song, very uplifting!August 16th 2019
BeckyLOVE the clear guidance in the Energetic Weather forecast! Thank youAugust 16th 2019
Recorded 08/16/2019
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