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04/07/2020 - Full Moon Strength and Courage [3294]

Today is the full Moon. Use the energy of a full Moon to increase your strength and courage as you embrace the inner and outer changes. In times of change the more you increase your strength and courage the more clarity you will have, and the less fear you will feel.

  • Energetically locate all of your tools, wisdom, and mastery and bring them into your energetic fields.
  • Activate those vibrations within your divine line.
  • Activate the vibrations of strength and courage in your energy centers.
  • Locate strength and courage back to the divine line.
  • Invite your Body to remember its connection with the Nature Kingdom.

Background - Whale Sounds

Full Moon Release

If you feel like you are in a process of release sip on this second Cup to release with the Full Moon.

Full Moon Magnetic Manifesting

Sip on this third cup to get your manifesting mojo moving with this full Moon.

Open and Deeply Connect with the Full Moon

Sip on this fourth cup (just because you miss your triple shot latte) to open deeply and connect using the energy coming from the Moon.


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Recorded 07/14/2011
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