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06/14/2019 - Invite Your Future Self to Heal You [3069]

Use today's cup to help yourself deeply heal. Today is a day for healing. Invite you from the future to help yourself heal.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Connect with your from the future in a another dimension in the future where you are in your greatest health, happiness, and joy.
  • Invite your future self to energetically send vibrations, consciousness, belief systems, information, healing, alignment, and balancing to you in the breath of now.
  • You in the present receive the healing from you.
  • Invite your body to receive healing information from itself in the future.
  •  Toning to assist you in healing you.
May your future self help you heal.



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Comments & Discussion

MarilynThis really helps me! My phone automatically plays it randomly during the day. So I listened 5 times. Wow great feeling! Still don't know how my phone does that. Even while I'm not on the page of your website!June 14th 2019
ployerI am grateful for today's meditation. Thank you, Aleya. NamastéJune 14th 2019
AleyaWonderful. Thank you. AleyaJune 14th 2019
KarenaThis meditation is beautiful. Thank you Aleya!June 14th 2019
Recorded 06/14/2019
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