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08/16/2018 - Rain Toning Cleanse - Empty Out [2841]

Today is a collection of cups to cleanse, release, let go, and move into purity. Clean out the inner and outer closets. Let go. De-clutter, finish old projects. Dive into your "procrastination" to-do-list." We have just a few more days of Mercury Retrograde. Use this time to cleanse your inner and outer spaces.


This first cup is a sound healing experience. 

Rain, hummingbirds, toning, and light language to help you clean your fields and activate a vibration of purity within and around you.

Sounds of eeeeue - clean the energy fields.

The light language translation is all about letting go of discordant vibrations off of all aspects of your being. (This cup is more of a cleansing experience as opposed to a relaxing one.)


Empty out and let go with awareness and ease.

The second cup can help you release lower vibrational energies.

The third cup is another little sip that speaks about cleaning a space and your energy fields.



Cleanse Your Fields and Release Your Challenges

Use this second cup to cleanse your fields and release your challenges.

Clean Spaces and Energy Fields

This third cup is a little sip about cleaning the energy fields of others, spaces, increasing energetic protection, and grounding.


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Recorded 12/15/2017
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