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12/13/2019 - Invite Your Body to Feel The Nature Fabric and its Connection with Earth [3209]

Use today's first cup to feel the cycles of Earth. This cup can help your body feel more connected to the fabric of Earth and Nature. The more your body feels connected to Nature the more supported and connected you will feel. This can also help with the aging process and any fear of death you may have.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line, recognize you are a being of light riding in the body.
  • Invite your body to hold its awareness in its divine line that runs through the spine.
  • Invite your body to feel the grid of nature that it is part of.
  • Invite the essence of Earth/Gaia to connect with your body at that level of its Higher Self.
  • Invite your body to reweave its grids with the Nature Kingdom.
  • Invite your body to express itself in a Nature Spirit form in another dimension.
  • Hold space for your body to feel into that form that reminds it and helps it reconnect with Earth and Nature.
  • Invite your body to expand its roots and magnetics.
  • Tones to assist your body to reconnect with the fabric of oneness of Earth.
  • Earth Gaia Song/Poem. (This is a poem that Earth spoke to me in 2014, and we made it into a song/poem.)
May your body feel its connection to fabric of Earth and Nature Kingdom.

(How do today's cups feel for you? The first cup today I recorded yesterday. The third cup I recorded in 2009. Do you feel a difference? If so, what. I love your feedback.)


Clearing a Space

Clearing a Space

Celebrate Friday the 13th

This third cup is from one decade ago. Sip on this cup to celebrate the luckiest day of the year, Friday the 13th! 


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Comments & Discussion

ZahraThank you Aleya, this is very supportive. I have a request..is there a way for the body to get rest, feel rested when getting all the hours of sleep needed is not possible?December 13th 2019
MarilynLovely connections and I appreciate the written version too!December 13th 2019
debpetrille 1st cup feels soothingly beautiful. 2nd cup feels cleansing and supportive. 3rd cup feels magical and deeply reminding of the feminine. Thank you so much for these Aleya. Happy Friday the 13th πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈDecember 13th 2019
AleyaVery cool thank you πŸ™πŸ»December 13th 2019
eyorgerOn 2nd pass through, during the 2nd cup I felt the impression of salt water in the back of my throat. Surprised me. Then in the 3rd cup a sense of lifting out and of lightness around the shoulders and head. Felt lovely. It finished with a second of a very high, very soft pure tone in my left ear at 3/4 thru the 3rd cup. πŸ™‚December 13th 2019
Recorded 12/13/2019
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