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08/17/2018 - Move Up To Go Forward [2842]

Today is a cup that can help you move forward by moving up your energetic ladder. The energetic terrain is shifting. This cup can help you move forward in your life by taking your reference points for moving forward off of the horizontal terrain and into your vertical terrain. Reference your momentum vertically and internally.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference how some part of you has been navigating from a horizontal reference point.
  • Take all of your grids for navigating off of your horizontal terrain and bring them into a vertical alignment.
  • Receive your information and guidance vertically and internally.
  • Activate your inner guidance system that is held in vertical alignment that is in direct connection with your essence, wisdom, and mastery.
  • Toning and light language to help you reference your forward moment vertically.
May you move forward in your life vertically and internally.

Join me this coming Monday night the 20th at 7pm PT for the next TALL Cup.



Thank you for your comments, feedback, and experiences. I love it!!! 

(In a healthy co-creative way. lol)


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Comments & Discussion

villajwYes vertical—yes before you said it I was climbing a ladder. Yes going from glory to glory8:00:12pm
seridesignOnward and upward!!!! Thank you Aleya!!! Love, SerafinaAugust 17th 2018
jeanadrienneThank you SO much, Aleya, for all you do in support of all ONE of us in moving up and forward! Much love~August 17th 2018
yvetteThank you Aleya! You are describing how I feel right now and I've received similar guidance (think less and don't try to map the future - instead, work on my energetic evolution) - but you always put things in a unique way that helps so much. All this week's cups have been very relevant and timely (as always)!August 17th 2018
peaceandquietoneGood morning to all. Perhaps I was listening with my energetic self more than my mind but I had the image of climbing a ladder and I experienced the sensation of elevating before you gave a clear description of the how to and weather report. Yes, moving vertical is moving forward and upward and inward.August 17th 2018
Recorded 08/17/2018
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