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01/18/2019 - Get Focused and Release the "Feeling Scattered" Energy [2961]

Today's first cup speaks to the feeling of being scattered...

Sunday is a full blood Moon. This powerful lunar energy can create a scattered and ungrounded energy. If you are grounded and centered it can create a very motivated energy. Use this first cup to get focused by releasing the scattered energy.

  • Take a moment to image all your energetic tentacles that you have placed externally.
  • Take a deep breath in and lift all of your energetic tentacles off of everyone and everything. 
  • Weave your tentacles back on yourself as you boundary, buffer, and protection.
  • Take a moment to retrieve your energetic tentacles.
  • Be attached to your own vibration in this present breath of now.
  • Be attached to your own creative grids.
  • When it feels complete reference this new stance and model that as you move in the world.
May you be attached to your own energy as you move in the day.


Ground, Reflect, and Release

Use today's second cup to ground, reflect, and release. Sunday is the a super blood full Moon. A few days before a full Moon it is helpful to ground, reflect, and release.


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Comments & Discussion

MarilynThe 2nd one really touched me. Body deva relaxed, soul was soaring to the higher realms where I was unraveling and reweaving some dreams of a home. I loved your toning on the second one, especially the high notes. Overall I feel better about making some new choices in life!11:47:45am
AleyaHow do today's cup feel for you? Aleya11:02:43am
Recorded 01/18/2019
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