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05/23/2019 - Access Inner Power and Hold Boundaries [3054]

Use the energetic downloads that are coming onto the planet at this time to access a greater degree of inner power. When boundaries get crossed in the physical or in the higher realms, it is an opportunity to increase empowerment. This is a perfect time to move into energetic maturity. Use your moments of challenge to grow stronger.

  • Locate all power that you have taken that is not yours.
  • Return all power that is not yours.
  • Tones to assist the return.
  • Bring all power that you have given away back to your Higher Self.
  • Tones to assist the retrieval of your own power.

May you hold your power and boundaries with grace and integrity.


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a1skyekatAwesome, Thank you!Oxo10:54:24am
Recorded 04/29/2013
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