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07/19/2019 - Rewire Your Ears, Eyes, and Crown [3097]

Use today's cup to rewire your ears, eyes, and crown. We are in a process of getting energetically rewired to hold a higher vibration and perceive multiple dimensions.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference how some part of you in rewiring yourself for a higher vibrational way of being.
  • Some part of you is releasing old energetic grids off your eyes, ears, and throat.
  • Consciously, gently, energetically release old grids off the ears, eyes, nose, and crown.
  • Spin your fields in a counter clockwise direction to release these old grids.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you and your body to rewire all of the energetic systems around the ears and eyes for a conscious multi dimensional reality.
  • (At the end of this cup is an explanation.)
May you rewire your energetic ears and eyes for a conscious multi-dimensional reality.

(If you contiue to experience discomfort in the head it is wise to listen to your intuition and follow up with check ups if you sense that is what is needed for health.)



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Comments & Discussion

debpetrille Aleya thank you so much for this meditation and message. I woke up with head, neck, shoulder pain that felt like a pinching. Now I know to remind my self to soften and relax and open into the discomfort. Much appreciation for you and your work. Deb. ❤️11:11:12am
CygneWow... immediate relief. Thank you!9:01:51am
Lisa C.Thank you for speaking to this, Aleya. I was really starting to wonder about my own experience of this process!7:53:36am
Recorded 07/19/2019
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