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Today's cup is thick and rich. This cup is a combination of a snippet and a protocol to help you restructure your roots. For the next two months the energy is slow. This is a perfect time to drop deep within and profoundly shift how you are supported internally and in the outer world. 


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Energetically locate your roots and all of your grids that you use to support yourself.
  • Gently restructure your root system and resource grids with vibrations of empowerment, support, abundance, flow, commitment, integrity, trust, joy, a positive empowered consciousness, grace, kindness, humility, and compassion.
  • Tones and light language to assist that energetic aspect of you restructure your roots.
May you gentle, deeply, and profoundly restructure your roots for a more supported way of being.



For more support get the most recent Move Up and Forward TALL Cup Session.


This one is very powerful for me. I feel my expanded aura in a way that I had not been aware of before. What Fun! Thank you.

Recorded 02/23/2018

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Today's energetic weather is about groudning and expanding your Base chakra. Use this first cup to activate, clean, and empower your base chakra. Your survival and "thrival" capacity is held in the base chakra. Locate a new, fresh, strong foundation under your feet/base.

  • Bring your awareness into your base chakra.
  • Gently spin the base chakra in a counter-clockwise direction to clean and clear this energy center.
  • Release all cords, distortion, and any frequency of lack.
  • Tones to clear the base chakra.
  • Spin the base chakra in a clockwise direction to activate the energy center with the vibrations of empowerment.
  • Energetically locate your base chakra blueprint that carries all of the resources and magnetic attraction that can help you move into your greatest happiness and greatest service.
  • Light language activation to infuse your divine blueprint into your base chakra.
  • Invite the angelic realm to help you activate your divine blueprint.
  • Hold the vibration of gratitude, compassion, and allowing while this angelic group works with you in the higher realms.
May your base chakra feel strong and empowered.




2 and 3 are Outstanding, Purrfect & Soooo Yummy... Thank you Aleya...!! xo
This bundle is so potent and perfect for first steps out of a very deep contemplative and healing place. Love Love Love the grounding into passion cup. Many thanks!
I LOVE the second one! Different, gorgeous, potent. 🙏🏾🖤
very yummy cups indeed, thanks, Aleya!
Ohh I love #3
I do not remember ever hearing it before but it is exactly what I needed today !
Potent! Excellent! I enjoyed the light language in the second one.

Recorded 03/22/2013

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Today is a collection of sips.

The first sip is all about the energy of this new cycle in 2018.

The second sip is the energetic weather report video. Click Here to Watch the Video.

The third cup is a short energetic protocol to help increase freedom. The more inner freedom you hold the more free you will feel in all areas of your life.

This year is all about manifesting the outer desires, i.e. it is a time when your body can really step up to the plate, imagine, and create all that it has been yearning for. The more you hand over control to your body to manifest, the more the body can tap into its' creative currents, and create that which it desires in a healthy, supportive, empowered way. 

(I will bring in specific cups over the next few months focusing on this particular aspect.)

In the meantime....for the next few weeks hold a space for you, your body, and Team to ponder, reflect, and explore how you wish to move forward. 

The most recent TALL Cup is incredibly supportive and addresses these aspects.

May you deeply ponder how to move forward in this new cycle in a supportive and empowering way.



Hi Aleya, the second two sips don’t show up on the App. There’s no play button. Can you fix that?
Karen C
Loved hearing the energetic weather report for 2018, again. Thank you Aleya.
Wonderful. Thank you for your feedback. :)!!!!
Great info - very inspiring! And...freedom, yes!!! That is my #1 intention for this year.
Great to hear the energetic weather! The freedom protocol was wonderful!
Loving the waterfall of freedom!

Recorded 02/21/2018

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Energetic doorways are opening in the higher realms right now. This can give you access to information in the higher realms. As these doorways open you may experience inner opening, insights, and breakthroughs. Use today's first cup to gather the information, release the disorientation and find your clarity, and center.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to energetically reference the doorways that are opening to realms that hold greater light, love, connection, and magic.
  • Access the energetic information in these higher realms in a way that has the capacity to serve and support you.
  • Travel through these doorways and gather information that can help you embody the inner reality that you intend.
  • Recalibrate your grids in a more empowered, supported, and connected way.
  • Balance and align all of your orientation points.
As you move in the day, sleep, dream, and play may you gather the information in a way that empowers and inspires you in every breath.



Needed this, thank you!
Wow, that Was Lovely! A few minutes after listening to the second cup I felt this sense of “everything feels right”. It happened for a moment last week too. Also it is snowing right now. Perfect reflection for the vibration of stillness. Many thanks 🙏🏻
Love them both, yes to re set.....which also feels like rest!
Amazing & Powerful Re-Set. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
That last one is excellent for what I’m intending right now. Thank you!

Recorded 06/24/2016

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Use today's cup to start the Chinese New Year off on the "right" foot by riding in your body in  a healthy, co-creative, supported way. Release all resistance as you ride in the form. If you hold resistance when you ride in the physical human form pain and suffering can result. 


  • Hold your awareness in the present moment and in your divine line.
  • Gain access to your Higher Self.
  • Invite your Higher Self to connect with your body's Higher Self.
  • Open lines of communication and connection with your body.
  • Exchange information in a way that helps you ride in your body in a healthier more supported way.
  • Release all resistance and co-dependent patterns.
  • Recalibrate your grids.
  • Calibrate your energy fields and the energy in your divine line so that you can appropriately attach your divine line to the front of the spine.
May you ride in your body in a healthy co-creative connected way.



Today's cup deepened the trust between my Body Deva and my soul's essence, it was very healing... thank you, Aleya!
I listened this morning twice, then this evening once. This evening really felt like the connections were happening with the fabric grid being woven. So deep and relaxing now. Thanks so much, the layers of sound are very powerful and soothing!
SOAKING IT IN AND UP !!! 💞 Purrrrrfect. My new "daily". Wow - to imagine a healthy relationship with me and my body in the way as described in this cup... emphatically yes! Love it love it love it! Thank you :) !!!
Dreamy... xo
How does today’s cup for you?

Recorded 02/19/2018

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Happy Chinese New Year! (The year of the dog.)

Today is a powerful day! We begin a new cycle that is far gentler than the year that followed. Yesterday was a partial solar eclipse, which brought in a warm light, clarity, and awareness. Yesterday was also a New Moon in Aquarius which is all about waking up to a greater degree using love, joy, light, and creativity. Use this power packed day to embrace an entirely new cycle that is all about waking up gently and holding clarity and creativity as you move in the world. More about this in tonight's potent power packed TALL Cup session.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Deeply reflect upon the qualities you wish to embody and reflect in this next 12 month cycle.
  • Tones and light language to help you activate supportive qualities.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team activate grids, consciousness, belief systems, emotions, and actions that support these new year and new Moon intentions.
  • Reflect this supportive way of being to yourself in the physical realm.
May 2018 be filled with light, joy, de-light, support, and inspiration.


Join me tonight at 7pm for the next TALL Cup of Consciousness session



Gung Hay Fa Choy... Happy New Year Aleya...!! Thank you xo
Yes ~ Happy New Year - and thank you Aleya for starting us off right with today's beautiful, inspiring cup.
Happy new year. Thank you 🙏🏻

Recorded 02/16/2018

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Happy New Moon. Use today's collection of cups to tap into a new stream of light and manifest your heart's desires with this new Moon. Release the struggle and walk through a new door.

  • We call forth the Spirit of the Moon / la Luna.
  • Connect to the energetic doorway/portal that the Moon is holding open for the Earth.
  • Imagine traveling down a river of light that converges with a new river of light that holds a more coherent vibration of connection.
  • Energetically link into this new river of light through the doorway/portal of the Moon.
  • Invite yourself to dream. What do you yearn for? Dare to dream. If you were healthier, happier, wealthier, more balanced you would then be able to model that in the world and serve to a greater degree.
  • Feel the vibration of your dream in your divine line that flows just in front of your spine.
  • Locate these vibration within and reflect them out into the world.
  • Update all of your reference points and increase your magnetics.
  • Bring in a tone to ground yourself into this new current of light.

May your dreams and intentions align with the magic of the Moon as you walk through this new doorway.

Join me tomorrow night for the Chinese New Year, New Moon, partial Solar Eclipse TALL Cup Session.



Luv ya and the moon....the support feels strong and focused

Recorded 05/02/2011

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Love you. :)

Happy day of love. Use today's first cup to drift into a sweet inner love space. The more you love you the more you have the capacity to love and magnetically draw in love. Today is also the last day of the lunar cycle. Use today's second cup to release and empty out. Prepare for a fresh new cycle. Join me this Friday evening (Chinese New Year for the next TALL Cup.)

  • A light language chant that helps you cultivate greater self love for the light of your essence.


Thank you Aleya, I love them both! May love surround you. Happy Valentine's Day!!
Thank you Alaya... Munay...
Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Namasté
Always my favorites...love language toning and chanting.thanks!
LOVE the light language on both!!
Love you and your excellent work:) it’s given me the tools I need as I feel the new doorway open! Happy love day to all!!

Recorded 02/14/2018

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Happy love week. :)

Use today's cup to hold a calm, peaceful, loving, and open heart. Use this fresh sweet cup to open the heart, move into a state of peace, and hold compassion and love for yourself and with others. The more attached you are to the vibration flowing in your divine line the stronger and more coherent your energy fields will be. Also, you will be less reactive with others. A helpful “holiday prep” cup.

  • Take a deep breath and pull all your energy and awareness into your divine line.
  • Invite your guides and spiritual family to encircle you and hold within them a peaceful, quiet, loving, compassionate, and open heart for themselves and for you.
  • Take a moment to imagine these beings of light gathering in the higher realm's creating a safe and loving space for you to move into a greater state of peace and compassion for yourself and for others.
  • Locate a dimension that is filled with peace, joy, love, freedom, and connection.
  • Take a moment to imagine some energetic aspect of you, your body, and Team locating this other realm that is filled with a higher consciousness.
  • Activate the vibrations of peace, compassion, love, and increase your connection with the divine light of your essence that flows within you.
  • Lift all of your attachment and desire for anyone in the world being in the state of peace. Bring that attachment and desire back to your own divine line. Only be attached to you being in a state of peace, calm, compassion, and hold your divine connection. Only be responsible for the vibration that flows within you so that you have the capacity to model a strong coherent field in the world and positively emphatically impact 100,000 people or more.
  • Tones and light language to assist you in embodying these higher vibrations.
  • Hold your awareness in your heart chakra and gently clean and clear your heart chakra with sounds and light.
  • Activate self-love and compassion within and around the crystalline structure of the heart chakra and within the divine line of you, your body, and Team.

May you hold peace, love, and compassion in your heart and model that in the world.






Thank you Aleya for this wonderful heart bundle. Really appreciate and needed 🤗🙏
Thank you for this awesome Heart trifecta of heart awareness .....
Yes. I agree This is an excellent collection. My heart is signing the song of joy
Exquisite, yesterday's were the jump start and so sweet, today's meditations lovely layering and so insightful, easy to ride along and gently uncover and release the unnecessary energy in the pericardium, will definitely want to repeat these, and did I say repeat?!!! mucho gratitude.
That feels so good right now. Excellent selection! Thank you!

Recorded 11/21/2016

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Let this week be all about love. Invite the angelic realm to wrap you in a pink blanket of love. This work happening in the higher realms can help you move into greater of inner love, sweetness, gentleness, and a greater ability to receive the divine light of your essence. Use today's collection of cups to increase self love, and gratitude for your gifts and wisdom. 

  • Hold your awareness in this present breath of now.
  • Stand in your divine line.
  • Expand and open your vertical receptors for receiving the light of your essence.
  • Activate a greater flow of your essence in your divine line.
  • Imagine vertically opening and expanding your divine line.
  • Receive even more of your light.
  • Recognize that the light that flows within you is your primary support, protection, and energy that revitalizes you.
  • Activate the vibration of self love for the light of your essence.
  • Invite your body deva and Team to do the same.
  • Tones to amplify the flow of your essence and self love.
  • Activate the qualities of your gifts, wisdom, and mastery for you, your body, and Team.
  • Increase gratitude for your inner gifts.
  • Move into gratitude for all the blessings in your outer life.
  • The more you receive your gifts and hold self-love the more it is reflected to you in your outer world.
May your self love and gratitude for your inner gifts amplify in each breath.



yay, those are awesome, thanks Aleya :-)
AWESOME trifecta!!!! Love it!
Good Stuff!
Much love to each one of you. Aleya

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Today's energetic weather is all about moving into a slow flow. The slower you go the more you move into flow. This cup is an energetic protocol to help you move into a slow flow and then a little sip/explanation about the affects of moving into a supported flow.

  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Tap into the flow of your essence in your divine line. 
  • Move into alignment with your own vertical flow.
  • Link into the flow coming onto the planet and move with the flow of the energy coming onto the planet as you are in alignment with your own inner flow.
May you move into a balanced supported slow flow and model that in the world.



I listened to this in the morning and was EARLY for my appointment - unheard of! lol ;) Thank you Aleya
Thank you for this oh so insightful cup! I actually took notes. Thx again.
Great info.
Thank you :)
The snippet did really help at the end, good to know!
This one is good to keep on hand. I like the lesson snippet at the end.

Recorded 02/09/2018

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Today the energetic weather is all about recalibrating your resources. Use this first cup to increase resources and support. Invite the angelic ones to help increase support for you in the higher realms. We are moving into the time of the leprechaun...

  • Take a deep breath in and pull all of your energy and awareness into your divine line.
  • When you are in your divine line you can shift your energy in the higher realms.
  • As you hold your awareness in your divine line invite your Higher Self to connect with your Team, guides, advisers, spiritual teachers, and your angelic spiritual family.
  • Invite your Team, guides, advisers, spiritual teachers, and your angelic spiritual family to gather more resources of support, connections, wisdom that have the capacity to support you as you serve, grow, and evolve.
  • Increase the flow of support in your divine line.
  • Activate the sacred shape of support around you.
  • Invite your Team to activate a greater vibration of support in their divine lines as they encircle you.
  • Imagine a current of support flowing in your divine line.
  • Imagine and allow the angelic realm to surround you in a supportive and loving way.
  • Toning to increase the inner vibration of support and help the angelic realm gather resources that can help you.
  • Hold your reference points for support in your divine line.
In every breath may you feel a deep inner current of support flowing with you and creating greater support in your world.



I LOVE your voice toning and singing in a round fashion in the first meditation. So beautiful and soothing!
You have no idea of the perfect timing of this! Thank you!

Recorded 08/26/2015

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Today's cup is a short protocol you can use to clear body pain and cultivate a deeper level of connection with your body. 

The second cup talks about when the Soul awakens and takes on responsibility that actually belongs to the body.

1st cup...

  • Identify where you have body pan.
  • Invite your body to hold its awareness in this location.
  • Explore the need your body is getting by being in pain in this area.
  • Help your body get this need meet in a healthier way.
May you move into a more connected, healthier, co-creative relationship with your body as you move in the day.


Aleya's Rating:
Average Rating: (1 Votes)


Karen C
Thank you Aleya!! xo
With just the recognition my Body cried with releif and gratitude 🙏🏾.
You are welcome and they were happy to share.
Love the picture too!
This is so helpful to identify what is happening. It's so much about the focus ...or lack of focus :). Wonderful Aleya!! Thank you!!
BRILLIANT! I LOVE THIS! Clear & comprehensive step-by-step guidance (* the second one is also a wonderful sample of one of your private sessions!- Thanks to the person who shared it :) ~ very special and helpful to listen to.)
I appreciate your work so much Aleya. Very powerful and helpful.
Good one! I learned a little bit about what my body is after...

Recorded 02/07/2018

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Today the energetic weather is all about getting organized and streamlining, organize, and align your energy for flow. Use today's collection of cups to help you get organized in the higher realms. When you clean out, re-aligning, and organize yourself all areas of your life begin to flow. 

  • Energetically locate all of the grids that you use to navigate all realms.
  • Clean, clear, and align all of your higher vibrational grids.
  • Infuse the vibrations of clarity, motivation, right action into your grids.
  • Tones to help align, clear, and organize all of your grids in the higher realms.
  • Work in the higher realms to clean, clear, and organize all of the ways in which you move in the world.
  • Align your girds for the vibrations of success and support your intentions.

May you move into a streamlined aligned flow.

Aleya's Rating:


Love both!
Excellent! I’m in the flow right now. This is great support for it!

Recorded 08/14/2013

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Old fears can surface after a lunar eclipse. Use today protocol to flip the fear and tap into a supportive flow. This one has a kick to it. :) Last week the total lunar eclipse churned up very old fears, which are now surfacing. When you flip the fear and make it your greatest strength the fear clears. Today's cup is a protocol coupled with an explanation at the end. Find the freedom and you flip the fear.


  • Identify the challenge that has been surfacing over the last few days.
  • Identify the solution.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to infuse higher vibrations into the fear/challenge.
  • Activate this quality in your divine line.
  • Open your receptors to receive this quality in a higher realm.
  • Reflect this higher vibrational way of being to yourself in the physical realm.
May you flip the fear into the vibration of that which you intending on mastering.



Wow....finally listened to this a day late....and th night before this cup I had some knarly and really intense dreams....out of no where...but I know now how they came up. Thanks Aleya for hitting it smack dab on the spot !
Purrfect...! xo
Thank you 🙏🏻
Spot on, excellent, very helpful right now. I was wondering why I feeling the way I was and having trouble working it out. These protocols helped a lot! Thanks Aleya 😍
Such clarity in your explanation. Thank you!
Lisa C.
Thank you so much Aleya these are wonderful.
Highly recommend these :)

Recorded 02/05/2018

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Today is a collection of cups and sips about your creative energy, passion, mastery, service, purpose, and support. Take the next three days to juice it up. Use today's collection of cups to tap into your creative flow. The creative energies have been on pause for the last two months. (Have you been a bit less motivated and inspired?) Thus, the inhale and pause button. The pause button just released with Wednesday Full Moon and lunar eclipse. Now is the time to tune into and retrieve your creative juices. Enjoy today's collection. 


The first cup is a short protocol to help you retrieve your creative energies.

Aleya's Rating:


These are amazing - I plan to listen to the first two daily for a while - the one about resources and creative energy in particular. I've been stuck on this for so long now. It's a huge shift to think in terms of finding another dimension where we can be in the fullest expression of our creative energy. I really look forward to practicing this daily. Much gratitude to you Aleya :)))
So grateful for this cup! Part about others in my supporting me being a reflection on me and how I support myself was so important for me to hear. I have always interpreted others supporting me as me not supporting myself. What a lovely cup ...thank you Aleya!
Wonderful. Thank you. I love your feedback.Aleya
Yeah good news to hear and integrate, thanks Aleya!
I don't often chime in here, but I appreciate this work so so deeply. Thank you so much, Aleya.
Perfect timing with what I’m immersed in right now! It’s been a long time since I’ve been in my own creative energy. So this is timely with this new adventure! Thanks!

Recorded 02/02/2018

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After a deep release expansion always occurs. Use today's cup to allow for a deep inner expansion and get ready to soar.

  • Use your inhale and pull yourself into your divine line.
  • Energetically locate a more expanded way of being, that empowers you.
  • Activate the vibrations of expansion.
  • Tones to activate the inner expansion of your divine light.
  • Activate the vibration of expansion in the divine line.
  • Sit in counsel with your advisers and Guides to collaborate, create, design a more expanded way of being that is filled with greater passion, focus, and drive.
This is a simple yet potent meditation that has a wee bit of an expanded kick. Enjoy.


Aleya's Rating:
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Definitely feeling quite a magical expansion happening. Thank you Aleya - this helps my body and being rebalance and adapt to the new energy :)
Omgsh...regardingg the energetic weather...feeling of a Middle Ages purge was the PERFECT description. And now for a ‘fresh, light’ way Of Being!! GOD... I HOPE SO!! 🙏🙏🙏❤️🙏🙏🙏🌒🌈🐋
This meditation is right in line with what is happening in my life. As always, so grateful for Aleya's gifts and the gift of Aleya.
I am ready to expand! I feel it already! I did the ceremony yesterday where you burn a paper with all your stuff to release. I feel completely clean and clear and ready to blossom! Thanks for the good advice and zen! It’s working!

Recorded 04/04/2014

It seems only fitting that on the last day of the first month of a new year we completely end a 2 year cycle, that actually completed on 01-09-17. (Remember last year....when I was talking about the end of a 2,000 year cycle ending, well, we are now finally at the end, end, end of this cycle. 2017 were the fumes. So, take a deep breath and all for a very deep profound release and completion of a release cycle with today's Full Blood Blue Moon and lunar eclipse.

  • Take a moment to ponder all that has release in this last year.
  • Allow for a deep release.
  • Let go of all the grids, behaviors, and belief systems that are discordant.
  • Potent tones and light language to release these vibrations.
May you gently conscious allow for the completion of a cycle of release.

Aleya's Rating:


Thank you for both of those! Very helpful at this time in our climb up the mountain. I'm feeling lighter already as the old patterns fall away!
So beautiful !
Wonderful. Thank you so much for your feedback. Aleya
Such exciting times. Thank you for this meditation and last Saturday’s Tall Cups. I could feel how potent it was. Amazing!
Karen Atl
I really put the focus on this one. Wow! What a delicious release. I will hold this, and do the ceremony! Thank you!

Recorded 01/31/2018

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Tomorrow's full Moon and lunar eclipse is triggering an inner release and energetic downloads. This can trigger fatigue, shortness of breath, and anxiety. 

Anxiety surfaces when you are faced with the prospect of letting go of old patterns, even if they are not the ones you desire. As the energy comes onto the planet to help you release, soothe yourself by locating an energy that is deep within you that CAN comfort and soothe you in a healthy and supportive way.

Use today's cups to align yourself with this energy. Locate and release the old ways of comforting and controlling that no longer work for you.

  • Energetically locate the layers that are releasing, the opening that is occurring, the transformation that is at hand.
  • Calibrate, clean, clear, heal, and align all of these energies.
  • Bring all reference points for comfort and security back to your Higher Self and your divine line.
  • Imagine a river of light that flows within you.
  • Activate a grid of trust, safety, support, and protection IN YOUR divine line that flows on the front of your spine.
  • Locate the energy where you are supported, comforted, and protected.
  • Breathe yourself in with tones.
  • Clean and clear the heart, the heart chakra with vibrations of love.
  • Gently dissolve responsibilities that are not yours.
  • Bring back all of your anchors for strength power and connection.
  • Bring all of YOUR responsibilities back to you.
  • Invite you from the future as an Ascended Master to place your hand on your own heart to comfort, balance, and align you.
  • Repair your internal and vertical trust grids.
May you easily locate a new deeper more connected soothing vibration that is deep within you.


Aleya's Rating:


I loved both of them. Mahalo Aleya!

Recorded 11/29/2011

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Today's cup is a little combo of a sip and a protocol. It is about how to help your body identify and process its own emotions, and how to ride in your body in a healthy co-creative way. This practice is a perfect link with the most recent TALL Cup session Saturday morning.


  • Honor your body's emotions.
  • Identify your emotions.
  • Hold space for your body to process its emotions.
  • Ride the emotions like waves of energy.


Protocol for riding in the body in a healthy way.


  • Sit across from your body in the higher realms and invite it to remember its favorite primal form.
  • Hold your awareness and energy on the front of the body's spine.
  • Remember what it was like to ride in your body in it's primal form.
May you and your body ride in a healthy co-creative way.




Thank you Aleya for this cup!! Is tvis a coincidence or energy!? This morning when I was returning into my body I felt so much tension. Ii realised that I as a soulrider was holding on to the body with a strong grip. I tried to relax but could not. I started to reflekt and realised that my ego/soul was doing this to my body it was not my body that was in tension so I managed to let go and took care of my feelings of fear that belonged to me as a soulrider and took responsablity for that and imedeatly my body relaxed! I had not listened to mondays cup but felt I wanted to do that. And when I listen You are talking just about this!! And I really enjoyed the ride with my animalbodydeva!
So love the teaching along with the protocol. Thank you 🙏 ❤️
Perfect....I needed some handy words to guide me , thanks!

Recorded 01/29/2018

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As we pause and reset use your breath and tones to reset and relax. Today's cup is very different. The first part of this cup helps you use your breath to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms the body. The second portion of this cup is focused on using your exhale to make the sound Ahhaa, which moves you into your heart center, and the third and final portion holds a space for you to Om, which centers and and grounds you.

Here is more information about the affects of meditation and specific breathing exercises on the body.

Next Wednesday is a full Moon coupled with a lunar eclipse. Use the days leading up to this big energy day to move into a calm, clear, centered, and relaxed state. This shall make the download and inner eclipse far more comfortable, supportive, and empowering.


Join me for the TALL Cup session tomorrow morning Saturday at 10am. 

(I rescheduled this session from Monday to tomorrow in honor of Freckles passing.) 

Join me if you feel called.

Click Here to Join the Next TALL Cup - Pause and Reset TALL Cup of Consciousness Session

Aleya's Rating:
Average Rating: (2 Votes)


This is a favorite I will return to over and over. Love h
Thank you so much for your feedback. I love getting your comments. This one took a while, is very layerd, and deep.
How great 👍 this exercise is, I feel blessed and energized all in one. This is wonderful! Thanks Aleya ❤️🙏
This is so relaxing! I’m saving this for multiple use! I recently studied the vagus nerve. It’s an amazing connector in the body. That was an excellent article. Thank you! I’m off to zen through my day!

Recorded 01/26/2018

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Today is all about finding the inner perfect. After yesterday "being present moment" this is the perfect time to drop deep within and feel you inner perfection. Open your heart and find the connection with that aspect of you that is perfect and whole.
This is one for self love.

  • Bring all of your awareness back to your divine line. 
  • Bring all of your anchors and orientation points back to this tube of light.
  • Activate your divine cosmic loop.
  • Surround yourself with Ascended Masters who are modeling the energy of how to connect with that divine aspect of you.
  • Tones for activating the divine line.
  • Hold your self-worth in direct connection with your essence.

May you feel pulsed by the vibration of self love today.



Aleya's Rating:


Thank You! Exactly what I needed!
So needed!
Good stuff!

Recorded 05/11/2012

Today's 1st cup is 1 minute and it is a quick recap about the energy we are in right now. the second cup can help you move into the present so that you can deeply ponder, reflect, and reset.

The second cup can help you find your present pivot point. Balance timing, let go of the rush, get in the flow. Stay in the present and in a vertical alignment with self. Tap into the slow present current that does not have a hectic or chaotic sensation. If that energy is occurring it is an indicator that some part of you is not in the present and thus not in the flow.

  • Locate the deep slow current of energy that is coming onto the planet and is also coming from the heart of the planet.
  • Tap into the pulse of now and the breath of now.
  • Calibrate and link your unconscious energetic fields and your magnetics to this pulse of now and to this present moment.
  • Bring all your anchors and reference points back to the present pulse of now.
  • Bring your awareness deep inside.
  • Breathe into the Dantien, Ming Men, and the WooQi just below the umbilicus.
  • Balance and align your pivot point in the second chakra to the deep flow of time and space.
  • Heal the base chakra and bring it into the consciousness of the present.
  • Balance the electrical and magnetic energy with this flow of the present.
  • Locate your life force in the three figure eight energies just below the umbilicus.

May you feel the inner balance and ride right.

Join me this Saturday 10:00am for the next Pause Rest TALL Cup Session  

(This session was rescheduled because Freckles made his gentle transition yesterday.

He is sending his love from above.)


Blessings to you and your beloved Freckles. Namasté
Sending thoughts of love and light for loss of sweet Freckles. Sorry for your loss..
May Freckles continue being surrounded and supported by the Beautiful Love Light. Blessings of Love, Joy and Peace be with you, Aleya. 💖
When my Molly left you sent me a meditation that supported me in helping me let her go....my love goes out to you and your beloved pet spirit...
Oh Freckles. I love you so. Fine fine being of love and light. awhooo
kiki p
So beautiful and powerful and so gentle. Perfection! Thank you Aleya ♡
Thank you for this gentle gateway to pause and be present. I feel calm and peaceful after all 3 sips. Wishing you the wash of love of the essence that is sweet Freckles❣️
Thank you for todays cups ~ and much love to you & Freckles.
This is perfect and much-needed - thank you Aleya. Thinking of you and Freckles with love and appreciation.
The thought that I could receive a nuggle from Freckles bring tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. As I pause, I deeply feel the adjustments to my balance. Ever so gently and lovingly.
Dear Freckles, thank you for blessing Aleya with your presence and your love...Happy trails!
Aleya I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Freckles. Sending love and support. Love & Peace Nancy
Amazing! I feel so grounded and clear. Thank you!
Excellent! I feel so centered right now. Thank you!

Recorded 01/24/2018

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As you pause and reset yourself there is always a release that follows. For the next few days consciously release and link into a new stream of energy that has the capacity to support you to a greater degree. When you consciously release it happens more quickly and gently. Align yourself to the path that holds your greatest happiness, service, and highest potential as you consciously release.

  • Energetically locate the stream of energy that is helping you release.
  • Use that current to let go of any last limitations, fear, or lack that you are still holding.
  • As the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team release in the higher realms locate the stream of expansion, the doorway/path that supports your greatest happiness.
  • Imagine that energetic part of you finding that line/path that holds your highest potential.
  • Lift all of your energy off of your old dreams.
  • Clean that energy and align your focus and commitment onto your new path.
  • Tones and light language to help you release the old and link into the new path that can support you to a greater degree.
  • Invite your body to balance as it shifts, releases, and then expands into a new way of being. 
  • Align the crystalline structures within and around the body to this higher vibrational path.
  • Firmly attach your divine line to the front of your spine for a more supported, safer, secure ride.
May you consciously release the old limitations and then link into the new path that supports your highest potential.



Aleya's Rating:


I really enjoyed this cup. I like the absence of background music, seemed to link in deeper that way. Sending my love to Freckles on the other side. I miss him already.
I have been reminiscing about my time in Vegas when I discovered you. Recently the topic of returning to the desert came up. All these years of daily cups.....it occurred this morning that the great mix of protocols and toning has served me well. I felt the toning reaching the cellular level...helping with the shift in a so gentle way. In fact, that is what resonated for me....how gentle this journey worked for me. I needed gentle. Thank you so much , Aleya for the courage to come do this work again for all of us. Much love and gratitude
Thank you, Aleya....this is SO HELPFUL! Bless you...
Thank you. It's a wonderful reminder.
Lovely I love the release

Recorded 06/05/2015

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We are between breaths. In this moment we are between an exhale and an inhale. We are in the pause moment. Use this time to reset yourself.

On Wednesday the 31st there will be a Blue Full Moon lunar eclipse. This potent energy will trigger big inner and outer shifts. Prior to this event it is wise to drop into a place of stillness, 
Today's Cup can help you pause and reset yourself in a way that is empowered, supported, and clear. 
Click here for more information about this Full Blue Moon Eclipse.
  • Invite your Guides to encircle you.
  • Use your breath to pull yourself into your divine line. (The basic core practice. :))
  • Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, close your eyes and gaze at your crown chakra.
  • Stand in a waterfall of your essence.
  • Invite your stream of light cleanse all aspects of your being.
  • Invite your body to stand in the light of it's essence in a way that helps your body get balanced, centered, supported, and clear.
  • Invite your Teams to do the same.
  • Locate a higher dimension where you can move into a state of deep stillness and reset all of your grids, timing, rhythm, and flow.
  • Energetically pause - clean and clear your grids and reset yourself in a supported, connected, empowered way. 
  • Toning to assist the deep reset.
May you allow for a pause and deep reset.


Aleya's Rating:


That was a wonderful cup!!!!! thank you SO much as usual.
Thank you for the guidance and additional link Aleya. Pause and Reset feels essential right now. I look forward to the TALL cup tonight. Blessings.
Pause to reset feels warm and cuddly......my kind of day! Tall cup sounds good too!

Recorded 01/22/2018