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Not getting your meditations?

1) Check Your SPAM/Junk folder.

2) White List the email address

Click here to learn how to white list an email address, or add it to your address book.

3) Login to your My Meditations to see if the daily cup for today is there.

If your cup of the day is there...

that means your email server is blocking and marking the daily cups as spam.

You will need to login on line to your mail server and access your mail online and search the spam or junk folder for the meditations. Once you have found them, mark one of the emails as not spam and/or set up a filter to never put it in your junk mailbox.

If you daily cup is not there...

Login to your account -

Check the status of your daily cup subscription.

If your subscription is expired, you can renew.

Change Your Email address for the daily Cups and TALL Cups.

Login to your account on the link below to update your email address.

How to update your credit card for your subscriptions:

1. Go to

2. Enter email address to login.

3. Click [My Account]

4. Click "Update My Payment Method/Credit Card"

5. Enter c/c information and click [Update]

Your PayPal subscription was not able to process.

What you can do now

1. Login into your paypal account and determine how the payment is being funded: via your PayPal balance, or credit card.

Login to PayPal here -


2. If the primary method is your paypal balance, verify you have sufficient funds in your paypal account.


3. If the primary or secondary method is a card or bank account, make sure the card has not expired. If the card and bank account look good contact PayPal and inquire why the payment failed.


4. If the payment failed due to denial from the funding source, you can contact the funding source to determine why the payment was denied.


If you do not want to deal with any of the above, let me know and we will cancel your PayPal subscription for you and you can re-subscribe using a credit card from my site.


Get your meditations and music onto your iphone

You will need to download the album onto your computer and then create a folder in Itunes with the album and then sync your phone.

Here are links that give you instructions on how to add music to your iphone.

Another link with instructions:


Other questions? Email us.