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09/26/2017 - Acknowledge Your Own Wisdom, Retrieve Power and Light [2596]

Today's energetic weather is all about owning your power and acknowledging your own wisdom and mastery. Use todya's bundle of cups to make sure you are READY to embrace the level of consciousness that you have attained, as well as your gifts, wisdom, and mastery.

  • Take a few deep breaths into your belly.
  • Pull yourself into your divine line using your breath.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to energetically locate all of your power that has even been taken or have been given away.
  • Clean your power nuggets and hold your own power.
  • Invite your spiritual guides, advisers, and Team to come close and to hold in their hearts their knowing of you, and to remind you of your essence.
  • Retrieve all responsibility for acknowledging your level of consciousness, your mastery, and gifts in a humble and gracious way.
  • Invite your spiritual guides and advisers to hold a grid of light that support you in remembering and acknowledging yourself.
This cup is also great when you do not feel like you are being respected or acknowledged.
May you stand in your light as the winds begin to propel you in the direction you are facing.

Deep Grace and Power

Sip on third cup (from a wee bit ago, 2011) to access deep gracious power.

Be Empowered While Holding Grace

Sip o this second cup (if it resonates) to move into greater grace as you hold a more empowered stance.


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tereseAhhh....just what I needed....great mix! Thanks Aleya6:44:45am
faeriecherylGreat picture!5:05:41am
Recorded 05/16/2016
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