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10/09/2015 - Recalibrate your Grids For Your Highest Potential on the last day of MR

Today is the last day of Mercury Retrograde. Use this final day to recalibrate your grids for your highest potential. The energy is very malleable right now. This is a a perfect time to shift the energy in a way that supports you.

  • Pull all of your awareness into your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body deva, and Team to energetically locate your grids, blueprints, contracts, and agreements that support your greatest service and happiness.
  • Embrace and actualize your greatest service and happiness in a higher realm.
  • Light language chant to reorganize and align your highest potential grids.

May you gently and consciously recalibrate your grids for your highest potential.


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jdharnsbergerAwesome, loved it, thank-you7:09:12am
hiluThank you for this empowering meditation!5:31:22am
MarilynThanks Aleya, looking forward to Monday's Tall cup.5:22:50am
Recorded 10/09/2015
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