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12/07/2016 - Cultivate Greater Self Love [2379]

It is a self-love day. Use today's sweet, gentle, loving cup to increase self love, alignment with your essence, and a sense of deep inner safety that is very soothing. The more you cultivate greater self-love and model that in the world the more you serve humanity in it's evolution.

  • Gather all of your energy and awareness into this present breath of now.
  • Invite yourself from the future as an Ascended Master to stand in front of you in a higher realm and to hold self love inside yourself. 
  • Invite yourself as an Ascended Master to recognize all of your gifts, wisdom, and mastery, that you have spent life times attaining.
  • Send that energetic information to you in the past, which is the breath now.
  • Remember who you are and who you will become. 
  • Allow for this remembrance and infusion of inspiration. 
  • Use your inhale to pull yourself into your divine line.
  • Activate a greater current of self-love for your essence, wisdom, mastery, your truth, and your purity. 
  • Explore this soothing safe current flowing in your divine line.
  • Recognize that in every breath you have the capacity to pull yourself back inside, and to move into greater alignment with your essence, your wisdom, and your mastery. 



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Comments & Discussion

AleyaThank you all so much for the feedback. I have been doing live facebook feeds about the energetic weather. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/aleyadao?ref=bookmarks11:41:02am
MarilynLovely reminder as I rest! I was wondering if you are going to be doing an energetic weather report anytime soon. It seems like you used to do them on the Tall Cups. Then you have been editing them out of the final Tall cup version. Just asking, Ed and I both love to hear what's coming!10:29:10am
yvetteEach cup has been so perfect this week! Thank you Aleya!!!5:42:53am
Recorded 12/07/2016
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