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02/23/2017 - Energetic Decompression [2438]

Use today's Cups to gently decompress. Balance and then dream. Go up, out, and into the light; We are in a major decompression time. This can also help release headaches, body tension, and stress.

  • Energetically locate the decompression energy and balance for the shift in energy. 
  • Balance all of the crystalline structures around the vertebrae for this release in pressure. 
  • Invite the body to balance the electrical and magnetic frequencies within the craniosacral fluid. Activate a decompression chamber around you, to support you in decompressing and preparing for an expansion. 
  • Tones to assist the decompression. 
  • Invite the higher vibrational aspects of you, your body, and Team to set your grids, and intentions that have the capacity to support you. 

May you gently decompress.

22 layers...so supportive :)

Gentle Energetic Decompression

Sip on this second cup to allow for an even more gentle decompression.


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Recorded 06/03/2013
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