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05/23/2018 - Release an Old Way of Being & Bring in A New of Being with Yourself [2778]


Use today's cup to release an old way of being in relationship with yourself and bring in a new way of being with yourself and others. The inner home is shifting. You are shifting and releasing. This inner shift can cause high levels of anxiety. Your inner home is shifting. It is not about the outer right now. It is about the inner shift. Embrace a new way of being with yourself at this time.
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your Guides and Team to encircle you.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to gently release the old grid of relating to yourself and others that is no longer in alignment with your essence or current level of consciousness that you have out grown, let go of empathic sensations, behaviors, and belief systems that are not even yours.
  • Spin your fields in a counter clockwise direction to clean your fields.
  • Tones to clear your fields.
  • Bring in a new energetic fabric of relating to yourself and others that is in alignment with your essence and current level of consciousness.
  • Light language to help you weave this new fabric.
May you weave a new of being that is in greater alignment with your essence.



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Comments & Discussion

JenPerfect. Thank you.8:17:52am
j'IveePerfect timing. this is exactly what I am working on. Thank you Aleya... With Love.8:13:57am
JeannetteSpot on!7:25:33am
jeanadrienneexactly! Thanks!6:30:11am
Recorded 05/23/2018
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