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07/29/2016 - Anchor your divine line on the front of your spine

Anchor your divine line on the front of your spine and move into a healthy relationship with your body. When you are firmly attached to the front of your spine your ride in the human form is far easier.


  • Use your breath to pull yourself into this present breath of now.
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Explore how your divine line is attached to the front of your spine.
  • Invite your Higher Self to locate your divine line and firmly attach the divine line to the front of the spine.
  • Anchor yourself in the saddle. Release the Resistance.
  • The more anchored you are the smoother the ride and the healthier the body.
  • Tones to assist you in grounding by anchoring your divine line onto the front of your spine.
  • Pull your energy into your divine line.
  • Pull your energy/essence into your inner channel where you ride.
  • Infuse the energetic fabric that attaches you to the front of your spine be filled with love, connection, clarity, and empowerment.
  • Open lines of communication between your Higher Self and your body's Higher Self.
  • Collaborate with your body for a healthy sustainable ride.
  • Return all responsibilities that are not yours. Invite your body to do the same.
It shall big a uber-duper release session. It is the last day of this lunar cycle and the energy is fast and intense and makes change an easy thing! Join me if you wish to let go.....of the limitations.



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Comments & Discussion

yvetteYes! Working on this right now! Such an important one. Love the waterfall image and of course the frogs :) Thank you Aleya!July 29th 2016
JeannetteMesmerizing, beautiful, feeling calm and happy in a different way like a ending and sometime else.July 29th 2016
terriLove it! Frogs are the best! This comes at a perfect time as my body and I were having a noisy discussion about this cold which has been most challenging. Thank you for your uncanny anticipation!July 29th 2016
Lisa C.Another great one for the toolbox. Thanks Aleya!July 29th 2016
NadineYes very potent. Can see my river of light really strong w/ this cup!July 29th 2016
MarilynLove the grounding tones. Plus the frogs at the end! Just wondered what you meant by the 2 divine lines. I think you were comparing the divine line of our body deva and the divine line of our higher self. Is that right?July 29th 2016
Recorded 07/29/2016
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