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08/26/2016 - Body Deva Release Unhealthy Behaviors

Today's energetic weather is all about helping your body release a behavior or pattern that is discordant. Help your body bring in a healthier more empowered way of being. This IS the time to release old ways of being, at least for the next 5 weeks. Roll up the sleeves and do a final energetic closet cleaning.

  • Use your inhale, intent, imagination, and Higher Self to pull your energy and awareness into your divine line.
  • Use your exhale to ground and anchor into this place. 
  • As you hold your awareness in your divine line invite your Higher Self to connect with your body deva at the level of its Higher Self. 
  • Hold a space for your body to ponder a behavior that it is ready to release at this time. 
  • Invite your body at the level of its Higher Self to identify this behavior. 
  • Invite your body to energetically locate and release this matrix of energy that carries this vibration, belief system, or behavior that it is ready to release at this time. 
  • Invite your body to activate the vibration that it is truly intending on mastering in its divine line. Perhaps your body has been in judgment, or the self critique as a way of cultivating greater self-love. Perhaps your body has not had control of itself doing the opposite of what it is intending on mastering.
  • invite your body to bring in a healthier more empowered grid system that supports your body's intention. Invite your body to let go of the old grid system and discordant tones as we tone.
  • Invite your body to weave a healthier grid in the higher realms. 
  • At the level of your higher self activate the vibration that has the capacity to support your body in actualizing and embodying its intentions. 


May your body release a discordant way of being and more into a healthier, more empowered stance.

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Comments & Discussion

jeanadrienneExactly what I needed today! Just yesterday, I decided it was time to make a greater commitment to me!7:28:19am
peaceandquietonepositive reinforcement and it's up to us as to how deep and far we take this, well done!5:15:31am
Recorded 08/26/2016
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