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06/29/2017 - Give Up the Struggle and Go In [2531]

Use today's cup and energetic weather to surrender as way of helping you release the struggle. When you surrender you can go deep into your divine line. We can often use different mechanisms to access deeper parts of ourselves. Struggle is one mechanism we can use to try to get into a deeper state of internal connection. Instead, surrender and go deep within.

  • Give up the struggle as a way to get inside yourself.
  • Locate all struggle you are engaging in consciously, unconsciously, emotionally, spiritually, financially, or physically.
  • Bring the vibration of surrender and transform the struggle.
  • Use the vibration of struggle to push yourself deep within into your essence /  divine line.
  • Move forward by going in.

May you release the struggle with ease and grace.

The Steps of How to Release Struggle

Sip on this second cup to help you release the struggle.


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Comments & Discussion

peaceandquietone...by the way, perfect image for feeling stuck and struggle.2:53:16am
peaceandquietoneVery good explanation in second meditation, I will definitely listen again and add this process as valuable tool and process, thank you Aleya.2:51:36am
Recorded 04/07/2011
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