SHIFT the way you FEEL in 7 minutes


Each weekday Aleya tunes into the energetic weather that is coming onto the planet and shares with you a 7 minute audio meditation that helps you balance and prepare for a conscious and joy filled day. 


Aleya's Daily Cups are simple yet profound audio meditations to help you live a more balanced and calm life. 

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These TOOLS are priceless pearls. I have purposely made them affordable, and I hope they serve you.


Listen to a sample meditation. 

Trust the light that flows within you, hold clarity and calm.


The Cups of Consciousness Story

I was driving home from a weekend adventure when out of the blue I heard the words "daily meditations." I pondered this and explored the option of recording little meditations with energetic protocols, and sound healing, to help people out of crisis and into peace.

In 2009 I began recording these 7 minute meditations to help my clients stay balanced during the energetic shifts that occur on a regular basis. After a year of sharing these meditations with the people I knew, I realized that others might resonate with these tools as well. They quickly became known as the "Cups of Consciousness," because just like a cup of coffee helps you wake up in the morning, these meditations give you a gradual daily awakening to higher levels of consciousness!


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What the daily Cups Of Consciousness do for you:

  • Gain inner clarity.
  • Feel supported.
  • Get out of a rut!
  • Find your passion.
  • Gain control over your life.
  • Find your drive and motivation.
  • Increase your ability to hear the angelic realm.
Receive guidance, energetic alignments, and pearls of wisdom that assist you in your growth and evolution from a place of grace. 
You can Get the Cups every weekday, or just 3 times week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for $12 a month.

Many people have told me that I should charge more, but I have a desire to make these tools available to everyone, so that money will never be the reason to hold ANYONE back from the changes THEY want to see in THEIR life.

For a deeper shift, try the TALL Cups of Consciousness

The TALL Cups of Consciousness are 1 hour long live and recorded video sessions every 3 weeks. 


How do they work?

The effects of these meditations take place in your energetic fields which are typically not in your conscious awareness. As your energy fields shift, you become more sensitive to what is occurring in them. 

This is empowering and has a huge capacity to assist you in your own personal growth and evolution. As these high vibration meditations become part of your daily routine, your subconscious patterns start to surface and shift. 

You then can become empowered to make the changes to your unwanted "default settings." As your energy fields activate and increase their own intelligence, you evolve into higher states of consciousness and that feels good!


Shift by just listening! 

Each mediation gets delivered to your email box each weekday morning.

These meditations work very well for people who are energetically and emotionally sensitive to others. People who are living from their heart feel these meditations at a very deep level. 

If you are in your head a lot it may take time for you to feel these meditations. The more you listen to them, the more you will feel them. It may take two to three months of listening before you feel the radical shift in your life from the head to the heart.  

Listen to one meditation a week, one every day, or just one a month, and see your life gracefully shift. 

These meditations and activations are both "timely" and "timeless" in their healing topics. Through your subscription, you will progressively build a library of meditations to access any time for your additional specific support needs.

Be part of an ever expanding group that is choosing to grow and evolve from a place of empowerment, abundance, and joy.


If you would like to continue receiving your Cup Of Consciousness meditations at the end of your trial, (come back to the site and purchase a subscription below. I will also send you a reminder at the end of your free week.