The TALL Cups of Consciousness are live and recorded sessions with Aleya.

Every 3 weeks Aleya holds a live tele/video-Internet energy balancing session.

Join Aleya for a powerful and transformative 1-hour long tele-video session. 

You will be able to see her on video if you join over the computer. She will be walking you through energetic protocols for shifting particular issues and living a more peaceful life.

Aleya uses energetic protocols and sound healing to help you shift your own energetic fields, which in turn shifts your reality into a more balanced, clean and clear state.


Use your energy fields to shift your consciousness.

Each TALL Cups of Consciousness focuses on the following:

A live and recorded video-tele conference call session.
Energy balancing session. Shift your energetic fields and transform your consciousness and life.
  • Energetic Balance
  • Slowing the aging process.
  • Improving health.
  • Increasing energetic awareness and the ability to receive information from your Guides.
  • Greater connection to the divine aspect of your essence.
  • Decreasing reactivity.
  • Increasing inner peace.
  • Manifesting your intentions.
  • Along with a few other pearls and time for questions to be answered.

You will be able to watch the video and listen to the audio files after the live call as well. 

The live video is not supported on iPads, so please make sure you can access the live video through your computer.


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Only $18 for a 1-hour long energy balancing session, or $15 for a recurring subscription.

The call will be recorded so that if you are not able to join her for the live session you can listen to the audio file, or watch the archived video after the session.

If you need a little support- purchase the TALL Cups of Consciousness sessions every 3 weeks. 

If you want daily support- purchase the Daily Cups of Consciousness
If you need a DOUBLE shot- purchase Daily Cups & TALL Cups of Consciousness.