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These meditations are timeless and can be listened to at any time and as many times as you wish.

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Use today's Cup to help your Team by increasing support for themselves. This Cup is great for getting out of despair, feeling hopeless, and wondering how you are going to move forward and manifest your desires.


  • Invite your Team and Guides to  tap into all of the dimension where they have resources support, information, connections, contracts, and agreements that help them serve you.
  • Invite your Team and Guides to hold the vibration of support in their divine lines. 
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line and hold space for your Team and Guides to access more support.
  • Invite your Team to rally all the support and resources they can, for the more supported they are the more they can support you.
May your Team and Guides access all the support in all realms where they express themselves, so they can support you to a greater degree.



These are great.They fit in well with todays energy.

Recorded 04/12/2017

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Use today's cup to do grid work in a region or community. The more you work the girds in the zones where you work and live the higher a vibration it will hold.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Gain access to your Higher Self.
  • Think of a region that you think might need a little love.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to energetically locate another dimension where the Nature Spirits and the devas of this region express themselves.
  • Connect with these devas in this higher realm.
  • Explore the needs of these devas and nature spirits in this region.
  • Invite the devas of this region to clean, clear, balance, and align the grids of this region.
  • Hold space for the devas/nature spirits to do this work in this higher realm.
  • Infuse high vibrations into the grids of this region.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to work the grids in this region.
  • Balance and stabilize these grids.
Thank you for the grid work that you do in the regions you love.




What a beautiful way to spread healing light and love all around where it is needed! Powerful work!
In gratitude for all you do Aleya and team,,,❤️😘
Thank you !

Recorded 03/18/2019

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Use today's cup to help your body release empathic energies and ancestral patterns. The more your body connects with it's etheric self the stronger and healthier it becomes. Many behaviors and patterns that the body struggles with is often empathic or an issue that does not belong to the body.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Connect with your body at the level of it's Higher Self.
  • Invite your body to scan it's etheric self.
  • Invite your body to use cleansing colors, sounds, and light to clean it's etheric self of all empathic sensations, and ancestral issues.
  • Tones to assist your body in cleaning it's etheric blueprint.
  • As your body moves in the day hold space for your body to continue cleaning and releasing energy in it's etheric self.
May your body release all that is empathic and ancestral from it's etheric self.



Perfect for my body and health!
Perfect timing! I had been feeling like my body was holding on to ancestral stuff for a while, so now this can all be released. Thank you!

Recorded 03/15/2019

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Use today's cup and Mercury Retrograde to go deep, complete tasks, and finish projects. This is a perfect time to open more deeply to yourself and access that divine aspect of you. Release old patterns and limitations. Question the way you navigate the world and ponder releasing energies that no longer serve.

This particular cycle of Mercury Retrograde has a "deep within" energy to it. It is a time to move slowly, do less, nap, sleep, dream, and go within, or do nothing productive if possible. Just a few more days...enjoy the energy of nothingness if you can. 

  • Connect with the Essence of Mercury Retrograde.
  • Open to receive information, code, frequency, and light to help you navigate this cycle from a place of ease and joy.
  • Calibrate all of energetic grids for balance, flow,divine timing, and a deeper internal connection.
  • Invite the Essence of Mercury to work with you as you move in the day, sleep, dream, and play.

May you float and dream as the energy Mercury Retrograde envelops you.


So that was my yesterday EST. I couldn’t get off the couch. Now I know why and it’s okay ❤️

Recorded 06/26/2013

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Today's cup is a protocol from the class I taught this past Sunday at New Thought Community. This cup can help hold a space for your body to catch up with you the Soul rider. Before you incarnated into the physical form you were learning, growing, and evolving on the other side. Invite your body to catch up and hold a similar level of consciousness.


  • Go back in time to your prep room/platform of light prior to your arrival in this world.
  • Invite your Higher Self to send massive amounts of energetic information to your body deva at the level of it's Higher Self.
  • Invite your body to assimilate all of this energetic information.
  • Encourage your body deva to debrief all previous incarnations and to prep before the launch.
  • Hold your gifts within yourselves.
  • Invite your body to hold a similar level of consciousness that you hold so that you are both on the same page.
May you hold space for your body to catch up to you, the Soul rider.



Wow! Thank you Aleya...! xo
Beautiful! Feels like I got this on even a deeper level than I did on Sunday at your class! Delicious! Thank you Aleya!
Its been awhile since a cup has had an obvious energy shift for me. But this one, i needed this. Thank you

Recorded 03/13/2019

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Use today's cup to allow for a deep integration. All of us do a tremendous amount of energy work in the higher realms consciously and unconsciously. Every three months the energy on the planet needs to integrate all of the work that has been done in the higher realms, (thus Mercury Retrograde). Your will life gain momentum when you allow for rest and integration.

  • Place a hologram of psychic space around you that assists you in integrating all of the energy to which you have been exposed in the last three months.
  • Calibrate your energetic ears to listen to your essence.
  • Listen to the sound of integration and rest.

Listen using a good headset and get a slightly deeper lift.


Recorded 08/10/2011

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Use today's cup to feel the difference between you and your body. This cup can help your body increase it's awareness and connection with it's divine line. When your body connects with it's own energy it takes control of itself in a bigger way.


  • Use your body's breath to pull your awareness into your divine line.
  • Invite your body to use it's breath to pull it's awareness into it's divine line that runs through the spine.
  • Hold space for your body to use it's Higher Self to orient in it's divine line.
  • Tones to help your body connect with it's divine line.
  • Increase your awareness that you are having an empathic physical experience.
May you the Soul rider recognize you are having an empathic physical experience as you ride in your body.



I love this Aleya. A beautiful continuation of what we worked on in the class we did together yesterday! Thank you so much!
This is exactly my current situation... I've got a civil suit. Thank you, Aleya!! I'll repeat this meditation!!

Recorded 03/11/2019

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We are in a time of reflection. Use this time of Mercury Retrograde to reflect upon the past and heal all moments you ever thought you made a "mistake, should of, or could of." The more compassion you hold yourself in the past the more you move forward in a supportive and empowered way.


  • Hold your awareness in the present breath of now.
  • Pull your energy into your divine line.
  • Take a moment to reflect upon your past path and all of the choices that you may still regret.
  • Send energetic information to yourself in the past that truly do support your greatest happiness.
  • Release the regret of all past choices.
  • Invite some energetic aspect of you in the future to send information to you in this present moment.
  • Invite your future self to gently guide you. 
  • Place healing holograms around you in the past to help you cultivate greater discernment, support, compassion, and empowerment.
  • Reflect that healing to the present breath of now and beyond.
May you move forward with no regrets.

Thank you for your feedback. I love it.


Aleya's Rating:


Thank you Aleya for talking to me through this cup. I see the regrets I thought I had as needed. I know divine timing. I would love to have this cup as a transcript. I receive information from my higher self talking to me as I am listening. Then I sometimes forget the messages in my little ole brain :)
donna r
Thank you Aleya, feeling that reflection for a few days now. Loved this.
Yes, I understand, emotionally, physically I feel a shift, a lightening. Intellectually I need to spend more time with how I can integrate this deeply, for there are many things I would have, could have,"should have" done differently, and on the other side of the experience I wonder how did I not see this coming"? Ultimately it's about vast awareness and being in my full expression of the beauty of my divine soul.

Recorded 03/08/2019

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Use today's cup, new Moon energy, and Mercury Retrograde to retrieve your creativity. Increase your passion and be supported by your own creative flow that you have spent lifetimes cultivating.

  • Energetically locate all creative grids and templates that are being held externally.
  • Lift all of your creative energy off of everyone and everything and back to you.
  • Clean it, clear it, and re-calibrate it for your current consciousness.
  • Activate the vibration of your creative current in the divine line of you, your body, and Team.
May you be supported, protected, inspired, and pulsed by your own creative current that flows within you.


Recorded 10/10/2014

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Happy New Moon and Mercury Retrograde. 

Use today's collection of cups to set your intentions and receive support, complete tasks, release, delve deep, restore your energy, and reflect using the energy of the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde.

  • Discern how to use this lunar cycle and Mercury Retrograde in a way that supports and inspires you.
  • Pull all your awareness into your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body deva, and Team to determine how to use this cycle. This is a time for completion, release, restoring, recalibrating, reflecting, delving deep. 
  • Whatever your primary intention may be, bring in the appropriate sounds, vibrations, consciousness, and assistance to support your intention for this cycle.
  • Tones to assist your energy self align to your primary intention for this cycle.
  • Engage in that intention and utilize the resources in the higher realms and reflect that energy to you here in this realm.
May you align with the appropriate intention for this lunar cycle coupled with Mercury Retrograde in a way that supports and inspires you.



Much appreciated and deeply felt. Thank you!
Thank you for this bundle as much is surfacing ... a little daunting ... #4 ... deeply appreciated
Wonderful collection, was on my massage table and body felt impulse to stretch, unwinding began, truly new moon alignment,began with 1, then 4, then 3 then 2, had fun listening to guidance as to which to listen to first etc. thank you Aleya!

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Happy Mercury Retrograde. Day 1. Use today's Cup to assist you as you move into Mercury Retrograde. Shift your timing, move into greater flow that allows for reflection, release, reinvention, and rest.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Very gently align your timing, rhythm, and flow for the cycle of Mercury Retrograde.
  • Move from a slower, deeper, more connected place.
  • Locate another dimension where you can rest, release, recalibrate, and reinvent how you move in the world.
  • Snuggle up onto the front of the spine and rest in your divine line. Allow for a deep integration of all that you shifted out of, and into.
May you move from a deeply connected reflective inner place.


Thank you so much for THIS Mercury Retrograde perspective... so supportive, encouraging, and ... a relief! :)

Recorded 04/07/2017

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Today's two cups are all about the process of clearing empathic sensitivity. The first cup is a slower process and the second cup are the steps for clearing empathic sensations. Often what you are feeling is empathic. Anytime you have an empathic sensation you have energetic information for the person you are feeling.

  • Lift your attachment and desire off of the individual you are feeling.
  • Return responsibility to them at the level of their Higher Self where they have the capacity to receive it.
  • Send energetic information to them at the level of their Higher Self where they have the capacity to receive it.
  • Return all empathic sensations, grids, behaviors, beliefs, fragments, and karma to them at the level of their Higher Self where they have the capacity to receive it.
  • Lift your grids, gifts, wisdom, and mastery off of them, clean it, and embed it in your fields.
  • Hold compassion.
May you be attached and responsible for yourself, model the solution, and hold compassion.



Beautiful and as always very timely for me. Thank you!
Wonderful Kim. Thank you for the feedback, and I just recorded both of these cups yesterday. :) Fresh and new. Aleya
This is one of the first meditations I listened to of yours many many years ago and was just what I needed to hear again this morning. I am so grateful for you and the beautiful gifts you share. This work has helped me in so many ways and seems to have come full circle for me this morning. Thank you Aleya! In love and gratitude, Kim

Recorded 03/04/2019

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Today's cup explores the concept surrounding empathic sensitivity, strength, and pain. This cup may apply to you, but if it does not it may apply to those around you who seem to hold onto pain, trauma, or drama. As you listen to this cup check to see if this is a pattern your body holds. When you want to get stronger you may be holding other people's pain as a way of attaining more strength. Use today's cup to release that mechanism for getting stronger and attain strength in a more efficient elegant way. This is a great protocol to do with your body if your body has pain. (This cup has an energetic kick to it.)

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference how you may want to get stronger inside yourself.
  • Explore the possibility that you might be taking other people's pain as a way of getting stronger.
  • Release this uncomfortable mechanism.
  • Spin your fields in a counter clockwise direction to clear this mechanism of holding other people's pain as a way of getting stronger.
  • Craft new energetic grids to attain greater strength by connecting with the strength that flows in your divine line. (And yes you are strong, even if you might not feel that way right now.)
  • Recognize your inner strength, which amplifies your strength.
  • Use the mechanism of recognizing your strength as your primary way of attaining more strength.
  • Toning and a light language chant to remind you of the strength that flows in your divine line.
May you acknowledge and embrace the strength that flows within you.



Very helpful. Thank you!
Wonderful. Thank you for the feedback. Aleya
Excellent didn’t think this applicable to me but it is thanks 🙏
Very clear,got it, thank you.

Recorded 03/01/2019

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Use today's cup to access a higher vibrational realm as we experience energetic downloads. For the last few days the energetic downloads have increased. When this happens you can get top heavy, head-achy, spacey, and ungrounded. This cup can help those sensations. The physical dimension consists of multiple layers. Each layer in the physical realm holds a specific consciousness and vibration. As we evolve we slowly, move up vibrationally. The higher a vibration we hold, the higher vibrational realm/layer we will then express ourselves in.

  • Energetically locate the higher vibrational downloads.
  • As that energetic aspect of you energetically locates these downloads we ask that an appropriate sacred geometric hologram is placed around you.
  • Invite the hologram to work with your energetic fields to help you move into a higher vibrational realm that is still in the physical realm.
May you have a deep knowing and connection with the higher realms.


Aleya's Rating:
Average Rating: (3 Votes)

Recorded 07/06/2012

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Use today's cup to bring your energetic weight into a balanced stance. Hold the same amount of energy in your base chakra as your crown chakra. If you have too much energy in your crown you get unbalanced.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Scan your upper chakras and check to see if you are holding more of your energy in your upper chakras. If you have head or neck tension that is an indicator you are holding more energy in the upper chakras than the lower chakras.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you and your body to drop your energetic weight and to balance your weight in all your charkas.
  • Expand your magnetics and roots.
  • Balance the electrical and magnetic energy within all aspects of your being.
  • Spin your base chakra in a clockwise direction as a way of expanding your base chakra.
  • Balance and stabilize.
May you be grounded and centered as you move in the day.



Loved the talk about nature spirits, computers and crystals!
Wonderful. And...this is a great cups for headaches when there are energetic downloads. Aleya
Thanks you for this information. This is life-changing for me. I am naming everything or rather everything is sharing with me what they want to be called. I can feel the energy shift in doing this. Living together in harmony. Blessings!

Recorded 02/27/2019

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Use today's Cup to release the disorientation and sense of disconnection during a process of a deep release and recalibration of who you are and how you navigate and express yourself in this realm. When you are in a process of release, old energy and ways of being are lifting up and out, a sense of disorientation, perceptions of disconnection, lack of clarity, and not knowing how to move forward can arise as you let go of old ways of being. Hold greater awareness of the release as some part of you is reinventing yourself with the intentions and qualities that you desire.

  • Take a few deep breaths into your belly and gather all of your energy and awareness into this present breath of now.
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line. 
  • Energetically orient to the process that you are currently in. Allow for the release, clearing, and recalibration that is deeper than perhaps all of your lifetimes combined. 
  • Imagine that some part of you, your body, and Team are in an energetic remodel. 
  • Bring in greater energetic support, protection, compassion, patience, and a bigger buffer to support you in the middle of this process as old grids lift up and out.
  • Be aware that some part of you is deeply pondering a reinvention of how you express yourself in this world. Your body is also going through this process, as is your Team.
  • Invite your body to orient to this process. Allow for the release, the reinvention, and to clear all old behavior, negativity, and trauma off of your body. 
  • Invite your Team to bring in appropriate sacred geometric healing holograms that have the capacity to support them as they release, clear old trauma, and reinvent themselves in an empowered way. 
  • Tones and light language to assist this release 
  • Activate the vibration of calm, peace, and stillness in the divine line of you, your body, and Team. 
  • Hold your awareness that there is a current of peace and calm flowing within you, and supporting you in this process of releasing in a gentle and graceful way. 
May you release and reinvent yourself in a calm and supported way.



I feel it more deeply after last nights Tall cups. Very soothing and relaxing. Allowing divine order to lead me onward
Wonderful. Thank you for your feedback. I love it. Aleya
I love this picture!! This is my desire!! I'll print it out and put it on the wall in my bedroom!!
Aleya, thank you. I feel wondrously seen and heard. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude to you, my Body Deva, my Team, my Guides and Ascended Masters, and the Devine Source for your and their service in my healing and spiritual growth. Today's meditations brought tears of joy to my eyes. My hope and belief is that through this transformative process that I, too, will be of service to those who seek.
With sincere and immense gratitude, Rachelle
Excellent so helpful

Recorded 09/12/2016

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Happy Anniversary to the Cups of Consciousness!

10 years ago I began the journey of recording the Cups. Now 10 years later there are 1,866 meditations. Today's cup is a spin on the very first cup that I recorded. The second cup is the first cup I ever recorded. It is interesting to hear and feel the difference. I would love to hear your thoughts on the difference. 


  • Your breath to pull your awareness into your divine line.
  • Retrieve all your resources, anchors, creativity, orientation points, psychic energy, and vitality back to your divine line.
  • Invite your body deva to retrieve all it's resources, anchors, creativity, orientation points, psychic energy, and vitality back to it's divine line.
  • Invite your Teams to retrieve all their resources, anchors, creativity, orientation points, psychic energy, and vitality back to their divine lines and hold a supportive energy for you.
Thank you for being part of the Cups of Consciousness. Modeling connection, love, and light in each breath.



Congratulations to you Aley! I am so greatful för your world. Beeing a part of my life and I feel the directness in the first one you död. It effects me almost physically and can feel that we have developed with you listening to your recent one. Healing the the closeness and connection to the hugger realms now.
Ed and I started listening almost 7 years ago, October 22, 2012. We were led to your work by my sister Michele, who learned your toning. We both have grown so much through the years of listening and incorporating your protocols in our lives. We often listen at night when we can't sleep. I feel that your cups have deepened our connection to our soul path and body deva's health. We also have grown incrementally from your sessions over the phone and in person! The difference in the cups today shows me how much you have added to your cups. I love the overlay of nature sounds and musical tones along with your own toning. It seems like the 10 years have only deepened your beautiful cups! Thank you for doing this work and Congratulations on the 10 year mark!
Oh my! It would be the length of a book to share how I have grown. I am so thankful and grateful for my teachers. You have put my learning and growing all together... It is a wonderful feeling. Thank you!!!
donna r
Really enjoyed the cups today. Even though the second cup was short -- it was Powerful & one that would serve me extremely well to listen to regularly. It's potent, direct and "says it all" Thank you!
Good morning and congratulations! The texture of the first meditation was very velvety and layered, maybe concentrated might be a good word. The second meditation felt light, raw, direct,no filters, fresh, and my body responded with chills after chills of receiving and acknowledging. Modeling and reflecting, I can't imagine not having these teachings, experiences in my life. Central PA had super high winds, power outages yesterday and today. I remembered the point of focus to be in the eye of the storm, having a birds eye view, stillness, practice what you intend to master, so many phrases, people do the opposite....so through repetition and example I am learning and grasping the concepts. I see more quickly what triggers me. I am appreciative of the teaching around empathy and how to hold awareness but not carry what is not mine, and if I do, I am observant of how to disconnect. I would like to hear more about time line healing,...I was so fascinated by the idea of seeing myself as an Ascended master, gathering all the energy from the past and the future to the present time of now to effect change. I would like to know more about how to undo certain biological, physical conditions. Creating in the etheric blueprint. So I have expanded into the who, what where I AM, and I am so appreciative, oh and by the way, I tone all times of the day.You really have quite a creative spin on this and I so enjoy the journey alongside you and the gang!
Happy Anniversary Aleya! I started listening to the daily cups in late 2009. For years I would fall asleep so I just st listened to them to go to sleep. Then about three years ago I stopped falling asleep and the concepts and protocols started to make more sense. Not too long after that I was gifted your book and I started to teach myself how to say protocols. Still working on that! I honestly can not imagine my life and all the crazy ups and downs I’ve had without the daily cups. They literally remind me I’m not alone and there was always the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it seemed. Now life is pretty great and I listen daily and have begun to add very simple protocols while working with some of my reedeees. So grateful for your work and your dedication to continual evolution of these cups. And of course I am so looking forward to the practitioners course so I can learn, practice and use more protocols in my daily life, with my clients and eventually teach them. Much love and blessings Deb
Happy anniversary!! When I started listening to the first (newest) track I started to get emotional, and saw beautiful sparkles of light all around me like the angels were there celebrating your anniversary with us as well! Both of these are SO beautiful and made me melt, but I can feel “you” more in the last one as you are more relaxed it feels - they are both so lovely and healing and I am feeling SO grateful to have found you! I am seeing a difference in myself since I have been listening to your cups and tall cups, what a blessing, thank you! 😘❤️🎊🎉

Recorded 02/25/2019

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When the flow of life gets choppy the wisest stance to hold is stillness and to sit in the eye of the storm. Use today's cup to move into stillness when others around you are in a storm. 

(More about this in Monday night's TALL Cup.)

  • Energetically scan everyone around you and their challenges.
  • Explore the possibility that you are streaming your psychic and creative energy into their fields trying to fix and support them, but it depletes you.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to retrieve all of your grids, psychic energy, and creative energy back on you.
  • Wrap your own vibrational fabric around you which helps you move into a place of stillness.
  • Hold stillness and vigil for those who are in their storm.

May you be in the eye of the storm, witness, hold vigil, and compassion for those who are in a storm at this time.


Aleya, I am grateful for today's timely cup. Namasté
Powerful! In perfect timing! Thank you...
donna r
Thank you for the feedback. :)Love it. Aleya
Excellent topics and protocol! Thanks so much! Yes
Very helpful my deepest gratitude !

Recorded 02/22/2019

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Use today's Cup to balance the electrical and magnetic frequencies within the cranio-sacral fluid, which increases circulation and flow, and relaxes the neck and shoulders. A prefect de-stressor.

This is a perfect meditation to do when you have a headaches after being exposed to higher vibrations, and... before, during, or after solar storms.

(Or before or after a TALL Cup.)

  • Invite your body deva to balance the electrical and magnetic vibration within its cranio-sacral fluid.
  • Take a deep breath and hold awareness that your body in a higher realm is using its energy fields to balance the energy within its cranio-sacral fluid.
  • Invite your body to balance the electrical and magnetic frequencies within the crystalline structures of the chakras,organs, meridians, and glands.
  • Gently release the tension off the neck and shoulder's.
  • Increase the flow in the divine cosmic loop of the body and invite the body to cultivate a greater connection with its essence, Nature, and Earth.
  • If your body has been exposed to higher vibrations, invite your body to expand its magnetics. The more grounded your body is the higher a vibration it can hold.
  • Tones and light language to assist your body in balancing its electrical and magnetic frequency in its cranio-sacral fluid.
  • Invite yourself " the Soul rider" to use your Higher Self to firmly attach yourself to the front of your spine as your body balances itself.
May your body hold balance within itself and model that in the world.


Recorded 12/09/2016

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After yesterday's full Moon use today's cup to ground, clean, and expand your base chakra. This cup has a grounding tone and protocols that can help you get centered, balanced, and calm.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your guides to encircle you and create a safe and sacred space.
  • Connect with your base chakra.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you and your body to spin your base chakra in a counter clockwise direction.
  • Release all limiting grids, beliefs, and vibrations held in your base chakra.
  • Toning in the background to help you clean your base chakra of all limitations.
  • Weave a supportive grid for your base chakra that is empowering, safe, clean, and in alignment with the essence of you and your body.
  • Spin your base chakra in a clockwise direction and weave this supportive grid into your base chakra.
May you hold a supportive energy in your base chakra as you move in the world.



Thank you Aleya. This was very amazing. I did this the other day and I got very sore in the root chakra area after. I must have released something. I winder if anyone else had that experience.
SO perfectly timed assistance! Thank You!
Aleya that was beautiful! Thank you!
That did help me release old grids! Feeling more freedom and energy now, thanks Aleya!

Recorded 02/20/2019

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Use today's first Cup coupled with the Full Moon to increase your intuition and clarity. This is a powerful time to hone your intuition and receive insights, psychic messages, and those "ah-ha" moments.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Locate the dimensions, grids, and mechanisms that you use to receive information from your guides and from the wiser part of you that vibrates in a higher realm.
  • Gently clean, clear, calibrate, align, and repair all of your energetic mechanisms, grids, and receptors for receiving.
  • Receive energetic downloads in a way that is supportive and empowering.
  • Gently release any mechanisms or grids that you are using that are not your own and are not in alignment with your essence.
  • Bring in energetic grids for receiving messages that is in alignment with your wisdom and mastery.
  • Light language and toning to assist you in aligning your intuition grids in a supportive and empowered way.
May you tap into and be guided by that wise part of you that exists in a higher realm. 



Both were helpful. The second one really soothed my body, I loved the chanting sounds!
Wonderful. Thank you for your feedback. I fixed the skipping on the first cup.
Second one very soothing
Phenomenal light and clarity first cup, deep love, radiant. Second cup I'd name "coming home" especially the chanting, yes, it's all marvelously good, yes, need courage, and particularly the reminder "to choose to practice that which you intend to master instead of the opposite", very layered and detailed, the experience almost beyond words but putting it into words! To taste the harmony was sweet as honey!

Recorded 09/06/2017

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Use today's cup to increase the purity and light quotient in the divine line of the body. As we feel the energy of tomorrow's full Moon this is the perfect time to increase the light quotient within. The more you encourage your body to amplify purity in it's divine line, the healthier your body will be and the more clarity and calm you will find.

  • Invite your body to connect with it's divine line.
  • Invite your body to amplify the quality of purity in it's divine line.
  • Invite your body to increase the vibration of it's essence in it's divine line.
  • Toning to assist your body in increasing the flow of purity within.
May you body hold a pure light within itself as it moves in the world.

This cup can create a gentle softening, relaxation, and waves of relief as your body moves into a higher vibratory flow. This cup can also help the body increase health and vitality in every cell.


Thank you! Aleya
Very nice 👍

Recorded 02/18/2019

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Use today's cup to clean and open your energetic ears and the ears of your heart. Today is all about the energetic ears and the ears of the heart. 

This first cup is a sound bath of gentle toning and literally the tones of the angelic realm. Many years ago, the very first time I was in a recording studio the angelic realm came thur for 5 seconds. We recorded their sound while I was breathing getting ready to tone. 

This cup has the angelic tones, rain, me humming, birds singing, and a sweet guitar melody. The combination of these tones clear the ears and open the heart. I also layered a little toning and light language in which activates your energetic ears and heart. The effect triggers an increase in your ability to hear energetic messages that come in from your Higher Self and your Team, and your guides.

This cup can also cause a release of emotions, so be gentle with yourself if you feel waves of emotion moving through you pushing you to higher ground.


May you hear from your heart in each breath.


Aleya's Rating:


Wonderful and enchanting. My heartfelt deep gratitude to you Aleya, for all the beautiful ways you help us to expand the love in ourselves and in the world. 💗 🦄
Beautiful. I am grateful for you and your gifts of weaving the daily cups into melodic powerful portals for our gifts to flow through. Like the angels I sing a song of gratitude for you!

Recorded 02/15/2019

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Happy Valentines Day!

Use this collection of Cups today to tap into the love flow. Increase your self love and let it flow. Let the next few days be all about cultivating a deeper sense of self love...that in turn enables you to hold a more loving stance with everyone in your life.


Today's first Cup helps you increase self love.

The second Cup triggers the love flow.

The third Cup helps you heal and open you heart to a greater degree.


The first Cup...

  • Pull your energy into your divine line and imagine standing in your own river of light.
  • Connect with your light that flows in your divine line.
  • Recognize the beauty and wisdom that flows in your divine line.
  • Invite your spiritual advisers and family to activate the shapes, sounds, and light of love.
  • Invite them to remember your essence and wisdom.
  • Connect with these beings of love and light.
  • Receive the information and remembrance from your spiritual advisers and spiritual family.
  • Invite your body deva to connect with Earth and to remember that it is a beautiful and amazing nature spirit.
May self love bloom and flow within you in each breath.


Truly a Loving Gift. Thank you so very much.
Thank you dear Aleya! What a perfect gift to receive!1 It seems as we are in a time of profound shifting and moving in yet greater desire and need for love on this beloved planet then probably ever before we as light bringers can use these meditations to our hearts desire. May your Valentines day and all days be filled with LOVE.
So much love. Thank you Aleya!
Wonderful bunch of meditations! Thank you so much and have a lovely valentine's day!
Thank you!!! :)
A beautiful bouquet of meditations! Thanks Aleya 🌹
so very lovely and soothing and joyfullly kind. Happy Valentines Day Aleya. your work has it be that i love me more on this day of hearts, flowers and candy more than ever before. ❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️

Recorded 02/10/2016

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Happy almost day of love. Use today's cup to amplify love in your heart with a light language toning activation. Open your heart, increase your ability to feel the love coming in from above, and tap into the fabric of love that is everywhere.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Place your hand on your heart chakra.
  • Breath in and relax.
  • Invite your spiritual family, guides, and advisers to encircle you.
  • Open your energetic receptors to remember, receive, and to love.
  • Light language to help you open and amplify the love within you.
  • Wrap a vibrational fabric of love around you.
  • Bring in your energetic matrix that enables you to receive more love from yourself, others, the angelic beings of love and light, and the fabric of oneness that is love.
  • Weave a fabric of love around you.
  • Tap into the realm that holds this fabric of love and oneness.
May you be filed with love and feel love everywhere you go.

When I recorded this cup yesterday morning the angelic realm came very close and created a sensation of the discordant world falling away and feeling the world of love.
How does today's cup feel for you?
I love your feedback. No pun intended. :)



A really appropriate cup as i can feel what you mean ED

Recorded 02/13/2019