Aleya's Support Pod



Web Guru - Paul Siebels

Paul has been with me from day one, when all I wanted to do was sell one CD. His Buddha like patience and  willingness to grow with me as I get swept by the creative current is incredible. Since 2005 has grown into a web of light, serving thousands of people around the world with energetic tools, over 2,600 meditations, energetic sessions, and healing music.


Rebecca Stinson

Public Relations Princess - Rebecca Stinson

I have known Rebecca for over a decade and am so grateful she is on the Team. I think she works harder than me. That is saying a lot! Rebecca has launched my debut book the Seven Cups of Consciousness into the sky and around the planet. She has booked me for 100's of radio shows and is my social media master.




Music Master - George Friedenthal

Music is the magic behind the daily Cups of Consciousness meditations. George's music takes the daily cups to another level. He has been playing music since the age of three, and is indeed a master at what he does. He is a sound healer in every fiber of his being, and plays from his heart and beyond.


Doug Noll


The Force of Nature - Doug Noll 

Doug, my beloved husband, models focus and discipline, which helps me deliver the gifts and passion that constantly flow through me. He helps me stay on track in the physical realm in a gracious and gentle way.


Angelic Support


Angelic Beings on the Other Side


We are also in deep gratitude for the presence, love, protection, guidance, and inspiration that comes from  the beings of love and light who hold vigil on the other side.