Give the Cups of Consciousness

Give the gift of the cups of consciousness to up to 10 friends.

When you give the gift of the Cups of Consciousness, the people gifted will receive the daily Cup of Consciousness meditations 5 days a week.

The daily Cups are 7-minute audio meditations with energetic protocols/prayers, visualization, and sound healing.

The TALL Cup of Consciousness is an hour-long, lone energy balancing session that occurs every three weeks on Monday at 6:00 p.m. PT.

The Cups are powerful energetic protocols that help you strengthen your energetic fields and move you into a place of greater clarity and calm.

When you gift a free month to someone, they will receive this message...

Aleya’s work is magical, sacred, and unique.

You might resonate with the work; you might not.

If you do, enjoy the magic. Listen to the meditations that call to you.

If the Cups do not resonate with you may you find a supportive path that does work for you.

This offer is only available one time per customer.