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07/15/2020 - Light Language Activation to Follow the Light [3364]

Today's cup is a light language activation to assist you in following the light by amplifying the light within you. The planet is moving into the light. Move with it. The more you connect with your inner light the easier it is to follow the outer light.


(Listen with high quality headphones if possible.)

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line and in this present breath of now.
  • Chant along if you choose.
  • Light language translation... You are light, pure, connected, and whole. Know that there is a wise aspect of you that is aligning yourself for vibrations that are harmonic. Hold your awareness in realms that are coherent, connected, and calm. Follow the light within and be supported by the light in every breath and in every way.
May you embrace your inner light which then helps you follow the light.
Listen to the most recent TALL Cup session... truly trans-formative... is all I can say... :)
How does today's cup feel?
And if you did the recent TALL Cup how did that feel?
I love your feedback. Thank you. Aleya


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Comments & Discussion

DorothyThia was powerful for me. About mid-way through the light language activation, my head neck and shoulders started aching; something was happening, though I'm not sure what, LOL. The ache dissipated by the end of the meditation. I feel lovely now. Thank you, Aleya!4:36:59pm
qimongerI can always tell how profound the Tall Cups is by how alert I remain during the session. I still don't know what occurred during this last one, because I keep conking out right after clearing the shadow Earth. I'll listen a few more times and find out!7:36:59am
valopes9Thank you! Namaste'7:28:53am
Recorded 07/15/2020
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