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10/18/2019 - Clean Your Fields And Hold a Higher Vibration As You Retrieve Your Power [3167]

As the veils continue to thin as we approach October 31st, and the cycle of Mercury Retrograde which begins on the 31st as well, use today's cup to clean your energetic fields and hold a higher vibration by retrieving your power. The more you hold your power in your divine line the more supported you will be.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to energetically locate and retrieve all of your grids and nuggets of power that you have ever given away for whatever reason (safety, connection, love, protection, validation.)
  • Take a moment to locate and retrieve all of your power. Bring it back to you.
  • Clean and clear your power of all empathic sensations and karma off your power.
  • Hold your power in your own divine cosmic loop.
  • Activate a stronger current of power within you.
  • Clean your fields of all empathic sensation.
  • return all power that you have take that belongs to another.
  • Calibrate your grids of power to be in alignment with your wisdom and mastery.
  • Tones to clean your fields and hold a higher vibration.
May you hold a clean high vibration as you retrieve your power.

How does today's cup feel for you today? 
Any insights? 
Do you have any requests for future cups? 
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Comments & Discussion

BeckyBlessings and heartFILLED gratitde, Aleya Dao8:44:38pm
suchida2009I'd like to do the "Deal with attack meditation in the yesterday's third Cup" in the usual meditation form. I would appreciate if you remake it.
Thank you!!
JeannetteI have been feeling stressed for about 18 hours and haven’t been able to clear it . I tried a couple other meditations this am to no avail.This meditation has helped release the stress. Thanks so, so much Aleya!🙏9:09:18am
j'IveeI like restoring my power and giving back any power I may have taken from another is always good for me. Key issue. I have felt powerless on many levels. Thank you Aleya.8:30:47am
Recorded 10/18/2019
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