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02/13/2018 - Hold a Peaceful, Calm, and Open Heart [2702]

Use this cup to hold a calm, peaceful, loving, and open heart. A sweet cup to open the heart, move into a state of peace, and hold compassion and love for yourself and with others. The more attached you are to the vibration flowing in your divine line the stronger and more coherent your energy fields will be. Also, you will be less reactive with others. 

  • Take a deep breath and pull all your energy and awareness into your divine line.
  • Invite your guides and spiritual family to encircle you and hold within them a peaceful, quiet, loving, compassionate, and open heart for themselves and for you.
  • Take a moment to imagine these beings of light gathering in the higher realm's creating a safe and loving space for you to move into a greater state of peace and compassion for yourself and for others.
  • Locate a dimension that is filled with peace, joy, love, freedom, and connection.
  • Take a moment to imagine some energetic aspect of you, your body, and Team locating this other realm that is filled with a higher consciousness.
  • Activate the vibrations of peace, compassion, love, and increase your connection with the divine light of your essence that flows within you.
  • Lift all of your attachment and desire for anyone in the world being in the state of peace. Bring that attachment and desire back to your own divine line. Only be attached to you being in a state of peace, calm, compassion, and hold your divine connection. Only be responsible for the vibration that flows within you so that you have the capacity to model a strong coherent field in the world and positively emphatically impact 100,000 people or more.
  • Tones and light language to assist you in embodying these higher vibrations.
  • Hold your awareness in your heart chakra and gently clean and clear your heart chakra with sounds and light.
  • Activate self-love and compassion within and around the crystalline structure of the heart chakra and within the divine line of you, your body, and Team.

May you hold peace, love, and compassion in your heart and model that in the world.





Clear the Wall Off the Heart

Sip on this second cup to .clean the walls off your heart.

Clear Heart and Pericardium of old emotions

Sip on this third cup to do a deep cleanse of the heart and the pericardium which is the sack that surround the heart and protects the heart from volatile emotions.


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Comments & Discussion

MarilynLove!!February 13th 2018
ChantalThank you Aleya for this wonderful heart bundle. Really appreciate and needed 🤗🙏February 13th 2018
kripaluThank you for this awesome Heart trifecta of heart awareness .....February 13th 2018
MicheleYes. I agree This is an excellent collection. My heart is signing the song of joyFebruary 13th 2018
peaceandquietoneExquisite, yesterday's were the jump start and so sweet, today's meditations lovely layering and so insightful, easy to ride along and gently uncover and release the unnecessary energy in the pericardium, will definitely want to repeat these, and did I say repeat?!!! mucho gratitude.February 13th 2018
terriThat feels so good right now. Excellent selection! Thank you!February 13th 2018
Recorded 11/21/2016
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