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Access Aleya's FREE page of over 75 Cups of Consciousness meditations - powerful, transformational audio meditations and protocols addressing common challenging issues, areas to develop, and accessing greater support in the Higher Realms.

In her "Conscious Conversations" videos, Aleya delves deeper into specific areas about using the meditations, working with the Higher Realms, and many other aspects of the 7 Gateway Principles to assist in maximizing your understanding, development, and relationship with yourself as a multidimensional being. 

Also included are Aleya's "Energetic Weather Forecasts" - videos where she tunes into what is currently happening on the planet and what is upcoming in 2016 to assist you in being prepared, balanced, and empowered. 

Enjoy these many gifts of Aleya's work.  There are pearls of wisdom and high-vibrational energetic meditations to assist you in transforming your day-to-day with grace, ease, and joy.

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