Aleya's Favorites

Krista Kieding - Reiki and Energy Practitioner in Santa Barbara, CA


Interesting Information
Educate Before You Vaccinate - Dr Sherri Tenpenny
The Meridians For the Teeth -Treat your body for healthy teeth. Determine what organs affect each tooth.
Emotos Work with Water
Space Weather- Interesting Information and Photos
Parenting Guidance - Wonderful Information
Heart to Heart Horse Ranch - Animal Communication and Healing

Cool Products
Salo's Tuning Forks - The Best Tuning Forks! I love mine!
Mountain Rose Herbs - 800-879-3337
Perelandra - Balancing the Body's Electrical System
Bee Pollen From Jarrah - 877-787-6457 (Energy and Clarity  - Gives You The Jig Without the Jag)
Think Big Productions - Great Music
Salo Sounds - Information about the World and Sound, Amazing Tuning Forks
Great Breast Cream - For the Skin and Fibrocycstic Breasts
Energetically Charged Jewelry
Body Healing and Balancing Jewelry by Shelley

Little Angel Hugs - Angel Dolls assisting children and the young at heart

Heart Based Singing - with Agatha my voice teacher!
Alexandra Navarro - Angelic Communicator
Fung Shui – Serafina’s Enlightenment Journeys – Serafina Krupp
Jeannette Dashjian - Massage and Pranic Healing in Fresno, CA
Kate Loukes - Neurodevelopment, mind/body awareness, self regulation for children.
Dave Markowitz - Medical Intuitive
John Pofsky - Somatic Therapies - Healing through breath
Stacie Clenet - Massage therapy, Cranial Sacral Energy Practitioner
Workshops for the "New Kids" Central Coast, CA At Quiet Star  email -   Phone - 970-708-1576]

Kimberly Klein - Turning tragedy to triumph; life after death
Healing Clinics and Centers
We Care in Palm Desert, CA
The Ra Organic Spa   in Burbank, CA
Tree of Life  - Patagonia, AZ

Divine Time

1:11 – Call on help with your thoughts and words.  Clear your mind.

2:22 – Your newly planted ideas are becoming a reality.  Manifestation will soon be evident.

3:33 – The ascended masters are near.  You have their help, love, and compassion.

4:44 – The angels are surrounding you right now.  You have their help and love.  No need to worry, help is near. 

5:55 – Buckle up.  Big changes are happening, and they are all good. 

10:10 – Powerful Divine guidance is with you now.  Watch your thoughts.  New plans are here for you.

11:11 – Think about what you want, not what you don’t want.

12:12 – Our thoughts are seeds and they are about to sprout.