Directions to Aleya's Guest House Office


Greetings from Aleya,
Thank you for booking an in person session with me at my office on our property in the Sierra Foothills.

Directions to Aleya's Guest House Office in the Foothills of the Sierra Foothills
(30 minutes North of Clovis, CA)

20124 Loper Valley Road
Clovis, CA 93619

If you are flying in you will want to either fly in Fresno. Our property is a 45 minute drive from the Fresno Airport, or you can fly into San Fransisco, CA. We are a 3.5 hour drive from San Fransisco.
Both airports have rental cars.
Our property is 1.5 hours South of Yosemite and 1.5 hour North of the Sequoia National Forest.
Both places are lovely to visit depending on the time of year. Spring and Fall are best.
Our property is 10 acres in the middle of a little valley that is sparsely populated. 
We live down a 1.2 mile dirt road. It is definitely rural country. :) 
Pretty, quiet, and simple.
At the end of this page are the exact directions to our property.
The guest house is 200 feet down the hill from the main house.
Here are directions to our land and images of the guest house.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you. Safe travels and see you soon.

Directions to Aleya's Property in Clovis/Prather
(If you do not follow the instructions exactly once you are on Loper Valley road you will get lost.) :(

(If you are coming from the North - get yourself to the intersection of 168 and Nicholas Road and then follow the instructions from there.)

Coming From the South
Take I5 North, 99 North, Hwy 41 to Yosemite, 168 to Clovis, Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake
Take 168 Highway up towards Shaver Lake.
As you head up 168 you will leave the town of Clovis and will pass through the "tiny" town of Academy (you will only see a sign that says Academy and a few houses)
Go about 10 to 15 miles past Academy and turn right onto Nicholas Road (If you get to Millerton Road you have gone too far)
Turn left onto Loper Valley Road (It will be the first road on your left) 
Loper Valley Road turns into a dirt road quickly, as soon as you get onto the dirt road, zero out your odometer and drive 1.2 miles up the dirt road.
You will pass Hansen Ranch on your right.
Keep coming… you are almost here.
Turn left into the driveway 20124 Loper Valley Road (there is a little spruce tree and stacked rocks)
You will see two houses. The main house to the left and the guest house is to the right. Go right down the driveway and settle in. I will come down to greet you when I am free.
Note: The address 20124 is not found on the GPS
The addresses on Loper Valley Road are not numerically or logically in any order.

Safe travels.

My private cell number is 805-680-5765 
Call me if you get lost. :)