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Not getting your mediations?

Check Your SPAM/Junk folder!

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Login to your My Meditations to see if the daily cup is there.


If your cup of the day is there...that means your email server is blocking and/or marking the daily cups as spam.

You will need to login online to your mail server, access your mail online, and search the spam or junk folder for the meditations. Once you have found them, mark one of the emails as not spam and/or set up a filter to prevent it from landing in your junk mailbox.


If you daily cup is not there...

Login to your Account -

Check the status of your daily cup subscription.

If your subscription is expired you can renew.


To change your email address for the daily Cups and TALL Cups...

Use the link below to login to your account to update your email address:

To update your credit card information for your subscriptions:

1. Go to

2. Enter email address to login

3. Click [My Account]

4. Click "Update My Payment Method/Credit Card"

5. Enter c/c information and click [Update]

How to get your meditations onto your phone...

If you have successfully downloaded the music to your desktop, you should be able to drag it into iTunes and then move/copy/sync to your iphone or ipod from there. 

Recommendations and other suggestions...


  • Only listen to one meditation a day. They are powerful meditation medication.
  • Listen in a quiet safe space.
  • Listen right before bed, so you can integrate the work while you sleep.
  • Use headphones if you want them to be extra powerful.
  • Honor your intuition and listen to the meditations you feel called to listen to.
  • Your Higher Self is doing the work to you. No one other than you is shifting you. I am only modeling an energy inside myself. The energetic aspect of you will receive only what serves you and will bring it in for yourself in your own way. That way you stay in control and in a place of power with the work.

If you listen to the meditations and get a headache...

If you get a headache of feel nausea after listening to the meditations.
Sometimes the meditations have a cleansing affect which can be headaches and nausea.
I recommend only doing one meditation every three or four days, and at the end of the day.
Or if your intuition tells you to not do the cups honor that.

Make sure you drink lots of water and here are a few energetic protocols that can help your body with headaches when exposed to higher vibrations..

Only listen to these short protocol if you feel called to...


Here are a more few recommendations that Aleya has if you experience uncomfortable side affects from any of her meditations, TALL Cups, or classes…
  • You can ask that the energetic volume dial be turned way down to a 0.01, ask your body to go slower with the layers, and invite your Higher Self to move into a softer slower space with the work.
  • When you do a meditation or TALL Cup remember it is your Higher Self shifting you. If it is uncomfortable ask that energetic aspect of you to slow way down.
  • Take a salt bath to help any physical detox sensations.
  • Listen to soothing music. 
  • Spend time in Nature just listening to Nature Sounds.
  • Use your breath to come into a deeper connection with your essence/light. 
  • Invite your guides to encircle you and model a supportive empowering energy to you.
  • Do fewer meditations.
  • Only do the TALL Cups after the fact not at the time of the live event.
  • Only listen to meditations and sessions that really call to you. If you have any doubt honor your intuition and pass on listening to the meditation or cup.
  • If you continue to experience discomfort after the sessions or meditations pause on doing the sessions or meditations for a few months to let yourself integrate the work. Going slower rather than faster is always more comfortable.