How to Listen to the Daily Cups of Consciousness

release stress and anxiety


If you’re looking to achieve a sense of peace, calm, balance, clarity, and enjoy an experience of increasing self-love that stays with you each day… If you want to feel a sense of empowerment, strength, confidence, even a secure or solid foundation for everything in your life… try the daily Cups of Consciousness. 


Do you ever have those moments when you feel completely YOURSELF? You are content, even joyous. You are radiating warmth and light. That is your true self and it is possible to feel that way every day. Over time, stress, health concerns, challenging relationships, and unfulfilled work blur your communication with your Higher Self - essence.


Imagine finding the solution to your challenges...


Life is full of challenges, and your conscious mind works tirelessly to meet those challenges. But sometimes you need more. You might need an angel, or a guide. The secret lies in re-opening those lines of communication and realigning your energies  with the pure energies of your higher self.


In some cases, you might simply get in your own way. You think, over analyze, and perhaps worry. Those thought patterns are a natural human reaction to stressful surroundings. But they aren't always helpful or useful. Too much worry and critical analysis can get you in a bit of a rut. When that happens, you can release these worries and thoughts to your Higher Self, and ask that aspect of you to come up with a solution. 


When you align your consciousness with your Higher Self, you worries fall away and are replaced with a sense of clarity and joy. From that state of being you can face any challenge with confidence and grace.


The REAL solution is right here, within your grasp!


All you have to do listen while your energetic fields shift your life and consciousness. 


Have you ever heard the term “acting as if?” Using sound healing meditations to bring your energies into alignment allows your consciousness to “act as if” without you having to think about it. When you align you energies for happiness, transformation, success or love you naturally, over time, generate those same situations in your life.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are in constant contact with your energetic fields which directly influence your consciousness and the world around you. Your energy fields show you where your blocks, fears, and desires are. For example, many people experience their energy fields as a gut feeling or a vibe. Some people know it as an emotional hunch or intuition.

Of course, it can be all of these and more.


The trick is to recognize what this energy is telling you… and USE it!


When you experience moments of enlightenment—normally a moment of clarity, calm, and pure contentedness—your energies are in alignment. These energy fields exist in another dimension, above your physical realm. They surround you, permeating every aspect of your existence. And they affect your reality every single day, in every way. 

These daily meditations use energetic and tonal vibrations as well as meditative mantras to realign your energies each morning. 


If you have ever been moved by music you understand the power of sound healing. The Om is chanted to find a common chord with the universe. Monks chant to bring themselves closer to God. Sound is a centuries-old source of energetic healing.

Set the course of your day, shift the way you feel in 7 min. or less!

The best part is, you don’t have to listen closely, think deeply, or “try harder” to enjoy the benefits of this healing. 

In fact, it works even better if you DON’T try! Simply relax and listen along as you sit in silence… space out… multi-task, or go for a walk… prepare a meal, open your email, or get through your to-do list. In fact, your mind does not need to "hear" anything. Your energy fields are doing all the work.


Reach your greatest potential as gracefully and efficiently as possible. 


When I first discovered my passion for energy healing...

I figured out how to accelerate my progress -- in a really JOYOUS way!

I initially created this energetic healing formula for myself. Soon, I began putting these principles into action in every area of my life and I started noticing all these amazing things happening. In less than a year, I met my beloved partner with whom I relocated to California’s magical central coast, an area that had called to me for years. I also saw my business grow in a very natural and beautiful way, but at a rate I only dreamed of. I saw the energetic call of my deepest desires being echoed in the real world.


After three years of refining and proving the tools I was using on myself, I began sharing it with my clients. We all quickly realized that I’d found a way to help ANYONE break down their walls and shake off the uncertainty that had plagued them for years. It was clear that this could help people access their best self…their strongest, smartest, and most creative self. Out of this, I created the daily Cups of Consciousness® meditations. They’re short, soothing and effective audio meditations. They are designed to guide you with the same energy-healing approach that works so well for me as well as thousands of my clients worldwide. 


Today I’d like to let you try them…


Let your Higher Self do the heavy lifting. You are busy enough down here in the physical realm. Fortunately, you can use your Higher Self to help you. My daily Cups of Consciousness® meditations help you reach your FULL potential…simply, efficiently and gracefully.

Shift the way you feel in 7 minutes or less!


When you listen to a daily Cups meditation, the effects are almost immediate and completely natural. My subscribers even tell me that when they listen to their daily Cups of Consciousness meditations, their dogs come and sit at their feet…the cat curls up nearby…and the kids stop fighting in the other room. (Really, I am not kidding!)

The daily Cups are guided meditations that lead you gently, yet directly, to a calm and powerful place. You’re always in control, hearing the instructions and using them in your own unique way. I’m simply sending directions to your Higher Self — your true YOU — which knows exactly how to use these instructions correctly.


The best way to find out what I’m talking about is to give them a try.

Get a FREE week of daily Cups of Consciousness® meditations. 


I want to make it easy for you to discover the joys and power of this kind of energetic healing. It's very simple. All you need to do is try a FREE 7-day introduction to my daily Cups of Consciousness® meditations.


If you’re looking to achieve a sense of peace…calm…centeredness…balance…clarity…and to enjoy an experience of increasing self-love that stays with you each day…If you want to feel a sense of empowerment, strength, confidence, even a secure or solid foundation for everything in your life…try the Daily Consciousness®.


You will be doing your own energy work, in your own unique way.

It’s time to turn off your analytical mind and let the layers of meditations trigger the ENERGETIC responses.

You do not need to know a lot of esoteric terminology or enlightened teachings to enjoy the benefits of energetic balancing. While the words I give you in these guided meditations will help you understand a little more each time, it’s more important for you to simply listen without thinking, let yourself drift off and let your energy fields do the listening and the work.  (I recommend you use headphones for best results.)

Feel the difference when you start your day with my Cups of Consciousness®! 

You will receive your first meditation immediately. The others will follow each morning. 

I can’t wait to hear about all the positive shifts you discover in your life, too!

What Others Have Said...



Dear Aleya,  Since trying your meditations, shifts are starting to take place in my consciousness. My awareness, on a very intuitive level, is starting to realign with a higher energy source. I'm also finding that serendipitous happenings are constantly occurring all around me. Thank you for being a powerful yet gentle presence and for guiding those of us who know there is a deeper, truer, and more fulfilling realm to exist in. With gratitude, - Claudia

Hi Aleya,  Thank you for the free trial on the daily meditations. Wow! I have been a fan of yours for some time and have done a couple of Tall Cups sessions, follow you on FB, etc. You are amazing and I’m forever grateful for you in my life. During my free trial, I came down with a severe case of food poisoning. I was amazed how the meditations helped me heal.  I was determined to practice my own new found healing abilities and coupled with your meditations, I avoided hospitalization (I was close!) and am moving forward now with greater strength and resiliency. I believe your meditations go much deeper than most and help me connect with so many dimensions of the higher realms and my higher self very easily and rapidly. I do angel intuitive work and I use your meditations for me to help get clear and grounded so I can bring in the highest vibrations and messages for others. Your voice is magical, soothing and of the heavens and I visualize you as an angel.  I have your Angel Healing music and when I’m working or creating in my office late in the evening, it is my absolute favorite to play to raise my vibrational levels.  I signed up for 3 months of the Daily Meditations as the next 90 days are setting the stage for how I will live the rest of my life! The impact of the energy happening now, especially in the forthcoming summer months, is what I’m flowing with in trust, faith and emergence of my new self and services.  Thank you from the core of my heart for offering your gifts and talents to the world, in which I openly receive. Many blessings filled with love and light, - Lisa Clayton 

Aleya, I want to express my appreciation for the Deep Sleep meditation. Receiving your Daily Cups is like knowing there is a warm blanket waiting after running errands on a cold, rainy, winter day. They keep me going and always improve my outlook on life. You are a blessing to the world.  I share your website with confidence and joy. Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts!  - Julie